Here’s How to Double Your New Patients Overnight

Wow!  That's all that we can say.  This month has been amazing.  We are “Wowing” lots of patients and they are thrilled to provide testimonials.  So how did this happen?

  1. A Unique Office Culture- Our “Think Big and Have Fun” Company Culture allows us to focus on Delivering WOW in every area, from On time Appointments, to Quality of Dental Work, to Wow Experiences.  We are passionate about what we do and what we deliver.
  2. Social Media- By sharing and growing our Social Media presence through Facebook and Instagram, prospective patients are constantly seeing 5 Star Reviews and testimonials.  Typically 40% of our New Patients come from Social Media.
  3. Strategic Alliances- Through partnering with companies who have the same target audience, we are able to create a win for both businesses and our customers. $50.00 Gift Cards were provided to a local Day Spa and Optical.  They presented our Gift Card to their customer after they purchased a specific package or spent a certain amount.  
  4. Host Beneficiares- This 1 Strategy has been HUGE!  How it works is that you make a new patient offer to other businesses that they can share with their TEAM and team's families.  We offered 50% off New Patient Cleanings to a Leading Bank, Investment Brokerage Firm, Bakery, and Small Business Association.  We had to hire an additional hygienist to serve all of the new patients!

The most interesting thing is that ALL of these new patients have been “Wowed”.  They appreciate our On Time Guarantee, are thrilled with the Quality and Consistency of their Dental Work, and are LOVING the WOW's of complimentary arm and hand massages, iPads and bluetooth headphones to take away the sound, blue mountain coffee, freshly baked plantain tarts, and toothbrushes in the bathroom.  

So the cycle will continue…