Here’s How to Multiply your Facebook Likes and New Patients using Lookalike Audiences

If you are a dentist looking to grow your brand and number of new patients, Facebook is an amazing strategy which allows you to share your culture, target those who have similar traits to your patients, and multiply your marketing ROI (return on investment).

Facebook is one of the top strategies which we have used to grow our practice and our brand.  To date, Jamaica Cosmetic Dental Services' page has organically grown to have over 40,000 followers.  We currently receive over 150 new patients per month in my practice, and over 40% come from Facebook.

It's great if your practice has a Facebook Page.  However, it takes more than just having a Facebook page to grow your practice and your brand.  It takes creating unique posts, engaging your audience, and ensuring that your posts get seen by your target audience.

One targeting strategy which is extremely effective is using Lookalike Audiences.  Lookalike audiences are a fabulous way to get your posts seen by people who are not already following your page, but have similar traits to your existing patients.

The way this works is that you first create a Custom Audience, which is done by securely uploading a list of your existing patients to Facebook.  This list allows your posts to be seen in your existing patients' Facebook feeds.  This is HUGE because your existing patients are more likely to follow and share your page and posts with their Facebook friends.  A specific example of how we used Custom Audiences is when created a post about our latest “Wow”, a complimentary arm and hand massage that all patients would receive before their treatment. This post had a direct benefit to our existing patients, and they were happy to share our post with their Facebook friends.

Once your Custom Audience is created, the next step is to create a Lookalike Audience.  Again, a Lookalike Audience is a list formed by Facebook of users which have similar profiles to those on your Custom list.  This Lookalike Audience can be saved and used in the future when boosting your posts through Facebook ads.  This is important, because once you are paying for boosts, you want to make sure that they are seen by the people who are most likely to buy from you, and later become “Raving Fans”!