The Time is Here. Dream BIG and take Action!


Hopefully by now you have planned your goals for 2016. Whatever they are, I dare you to think Bigger! Stretch a little higher! Do so and you will be amazed at the results.

For the last 2 years I set some really BIG goals. Goals even higher than I thought physically possible to achieve. Why, you may ask. It's quite simple. By setting big hairy audacious goals, and then by taking ACTION, you will find a way to achieve them.

One example of a big goal for my dental practice was to double my revenue from the previous year. I then thought about what, as a business, would we have to do, as well as who would we need to be to get there. We sat down as a team and brainstormed on how we could deliver more wow services and thought about systems which needed improvement. We reviewed our scripts. We created a Marketing Plan which listed each month how we would better impact the community, how we would grow our new patients, and how we would better serve our existing customers. We focused on our company culture and on building our brand. We focused on social media. And guess what, we doubled revenue.

Another goal that I set personally was to write a book. Honestly, I had no idea how to make it happen logistically. However, I wrote down my goal. I then did the research and created action steps to get there. I am proud to say that on December 31st I sent my manuscript back to the editor to finalize to go to press.

Your goals may look totally different than mine. However, the key to getting anywhere is to write down where you want to go as well as the steps to get there.

Another key point here is that if there is something that you really want to do, or need to do, and you don't know how or where to start, invest in reading a book, hiring a coach or getting an accountability partner.

Here's to 2016, your best year ever!!