Why Every Dentist Needs a Coach with Dr. Don Deems

This episode features Dr. Don Deems, trademarked the Dentist's Coach, who shares lots of useful tips how dentists can systematize their practices for consistency. Dr. Deems discusses that all great athletes have a coach, as well as the mindset that dentists must have when taking on a coach. 

Dentists typically find themselves consumed with running their practice and dealing with the unlimited demands that seem to surface daily. Working with a coach, dentists have the unusual opportunity to work on their business, instead of inside it. They have the opportunity to reflect on what they’re doing, to identify their interests and values, and have a silent, objective partner—like having your own private board of directors.

Because most dentists have a solo practice, they’re constantly second-guessing what they’re doing, trying to identify market trends, trying to keep up with changing technology and knowledge, hiring, firing, managing—you name it. Add a little government or other third party intervention, and it’s overwhelming to most. Attending practice management programs, workshops, and seminars help, but the underlying message they are often left with is “Do it like me.”

Thus, many dentists struggle for years trying to emulate other dentists and nearly always without success. Coaching draws on the client’s knowledge, intuition, innate wisdom, individual experience, and skills, using those aspects to assist them to develop the practice of their own dreams—not someone else’s dreams. A coach may enhance those client’s skills with further skills training, such as relating, listening, advising, strategizing, and the like. The possibilities are practically endless, and a dentist may choose to work with a coach for business or personal reasons—usually both.

What makes coaching so effective is due to many aspects inherent in the coaching process. For example, accountability is critical. Once you’ve identified what you want for your practice or for yourself, a coach assists you in keeping on track. Coaching is also highly valuable because it gives you someone else’s perspective—someone you trust because he or she knows you and your goals—which in turn opens possibilities that may have been hidden. A coach is a great sounding board for what’s working and what’s not…extremely valuable to dentists who are mostly isolated from one another.

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