5 Key Elements to Define Your Brand with Adrion Porter

This episode of The Delivering WOW Dental Podcast is all about Building your Brand. After helping HBO, Citigroup, and Cartoon Network build their Brands, we are thrilled to have Adrion Porter as a guest on the show! Adrion and I had an amazing chat, as he uncovered the 5 Key Elements that define a brand. We also discussed what is a brand, and the role that culture has in defining a company's brand, starting with the leadership. We also discuss New Media, such as Facebook, Periscope, and Snapchat, and its role in building your brand. You will want to take lots of notes, as this episode brings a boatload of value!

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Adrion is a brand builder, podcaster, speaker, and marketing consultant. He is the Founder/CEO of FusionFlow Media – a “mobile-first” digital media company focused on audio storytelling. He works with brands and individuals to develop their own audio content marketing (i.e., podcasts), and help them utilize the intimate power of audio especially for this on-demand and mobile marketplace. Their initial show, Gen X Amplifiedis the only media platform that speaks directly to the often forgotten, yet powerful generation between the boomers and millennials.

Before launching FusionFlow Media, Adrion worked for Cartoon Network at Turner Broadcasting as Senior Director of Consumer Marketing. There he led marketing and brand management efforts for their tentpole animated franchises such Star Wars: The Clone WarsBen 10, and many others. As a lifelong Star Wars fanboy, overseeing Star Wars: The Clone Wars was probably Adrion’s most rewarding role – because he managed the direct relationship with LucasFilm. This included getting a chance to stay overnight at George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch! Adrion also managed the network’s content strategy for their “First Look” advertising in movie theaters with NCM (National Cinemedia). Prior to Cartoon Network, Adrion was the Director of Market and Brand Development at HBO, where he led integrated marketing campaigns for award-winning shows like The SopranosSex In The City, and The Wire. Adrion also managed overall network brand strategy for Cinemax and HBO Latino.

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