How to Master SEO to Increase New Patients and Maximize Visibility with Justin Morgan

Justin Morgan, aka “the dental marketing guy” is a dental marketing enthusiast, specializing in getting your dental website to rank highly on search engines. Justin is different from many SEO experts because he believes in performing a comprehensive analysis to determine if SEO is the right solution for your practice. Justin believes that when you take a deliberate approach towards marketing, the tactics you choose will be more effective than if you rush into it. He is also the host of the dental marketing guy show on YouTube.

In This Episode, we discuss the importance SEO in building your marketing strategy. We also discuss the importance of sharing great content so that search engines see your content as engaging and relevant. We discuss the importance of online reviews, Google Adwords, and how you can organically grow your SEO. We also discuss the link between SEO and Social Media, as well as how you can set your SEO budget for an optimal ROI.

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