Digital Marketing In The Age Of The Selfie with Minal Sampat, RDH



Minal Sampat is a marketing consultant, public speaker, registered dental hygienist, digital media fanatic, and an enthusiastic shoe lover! She is a practicing dental professional who is married to a physician. Minal was born in India, raised in the sunny Virgin Islands and now lives in the NorthEast. She has been in the dental field for 8 years and launched her company in 2013 by breaking a Guinness World Record.

Minal is also a dental marketing speaker and has been on Dentistry IQ and Huffington Post Business and soon will be in Dental Economics, Dental Entrepreneur and Dr. Biscuspid! Minal strongly believes in collaboration, brand engagement, team cultivation, using efficient marketing platforms and achieving genuine emotional connections in all marketing aspects.

In this episode, Minal and I discuss the single most important thing that you need to do to be successful in digital marketing. We also discuss why just having a website or Facebook page is simply not enough. You have to show up. We discusses the importance of testing a measuring all your campaigns in order to determine which gives the best ROI.

Minal and I also discuss the role that your team has in creating your online brand as well as the importance of knowing your avatar.



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