How To Choose The Right Candidate For Your Practice With Dr. Tony Alessandra


Dr. Tony Alessandra is the founder and CEO of – a company that offers online assessments in a variety of critical areas, including DISC Assessments which can be used by Dentists in the hiring process.

As an author, he has written over 30 books translated into over 50 foreign language editions and has recorded and filmed over 100 audio and video programs since 1979. Dr. Alessandra was inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame in 1985 and elected into the inaugural class of the Top Sales World Hall of Fame in 2010.

In this episode of the Delivering WOW Dental Podcast, Tony and I discuss:

  • Common mistakes business owners make when hiring
  • How you can determine which behavioral style is the right fit for the different roles in your office, and how you can hire your ideal candidate
  • How to build a better team to get get the best of everyone

Tony also discusses how these same principles be used to better communicate with our patients to find out what they really want and to help them accept recommended treatment.

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