Facebook Case study…. 36 shares and 53 new potential likes. Ad spend…$3.88!

So Krissy from Dr. Winn ‘s office and I had a quick chat last week about what really works to drive people to take action to come in as new patients.

Dr. Winn is a member of FBMastery.. and decided to delegate learning of Facebook to a member of his TEAM!

Look at the RESULTS!

-53 Likes (who she later invited to like their page)
-969 Post Clicks

Guess how much she spent???


Here's the lesson:

Every time you create a post, you have to think “Is this something that would evoke emotion? Is it something that people will SHARE?”


Once your post starts to get lots of likes, FB recognizes that it is a post users want to see.


They push the post into more new feeds for FREE,  which will help to make your post go VIRAL…


Of the 4891 people who were reached from this $3.88 ad, 2144 were paid and 2747 were organic (non-paid)!

Again 36 shares and the potential for 53 new people to like the page.


To get to know you to come in as new patients.