How To Open a Dental Office with Jayme Amos

Jayme Amos is a bestselling author, expert in building practices and founder of dentistry’s most popular website for opening dental offices.

Jayme Amos is the founder of where tens of thousands visit his site. His bestselling book, Practice Location is in its second edition and not only is he master at helping dentists with startups, I’m thrilled to call him my friend.

In this episode, we discuss:

-When is the right time to do a startup, and are startups for everyone

-The benefits of doing a startup practice versus a practice acquisition.

-If location really matters, and how to know where to start your practice

-The top things that dentists need to consider before beginning this process

-The top challenges dentists face that could cost them thousands in the future.

-Where dentists can go to get a good office design, and what’s the best way to find a contractor to do the buildout

-How dentists can fast track their success in the first year of their startups

and more

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