How to Keep Your Team Members Motivated

When building a Delivering WOW dental practice, you'll quickly discover that one of your best investments of time and money is in your team.

Although building a better team starts with committing to making sure every team member is aligned with your practice vision, investing in continued training and inspiring them to perform their best, you must invest in keeping your team members motivated if you want consistent and steady growth for your practice.

With a team of motivated and loyal team members in place, you'll be able to delegate more and work less, without sacrificing profits.

With disloyal or unmotivated team members, your patient care will be inconsistent at best. Here are three ways to create a WOW work experience for your team members so you can keep your team motivated and performing their best.

1. Make working for your practice about more than the money.

Make sure working for your practice isn't just about collecting a paycheck. A paycheck might bring them back to work the next day, but it won't keep them motivated to do their best work.

Although this starts with recruiting the right people into your practice, it can't stop there. Team members who see their work connected to things like giving back to your community and participating in charitable initiatives, it gives them regular reminders that their work is connected to a bigger purpose.

2. Support and showcase your team members in public.

Look for opportunities to support and showcase your team members in public. Even small gestures like sharing, retweeting, liking, or commenting on their social posts will build their connection to your practice. Other things you can do is share praise for them online or donate to causes or fundraisers they're involved with. You can also allow them to lead a charitable initiative for your practice. These small gestures remind them they're important to you and keep them motivated to do their best because they'll know that they'll be publicly praised and privately appreciated.

3. Give your team members unique perks.

According to John Ruhlin, author of Giftology: The Art and Science of Using Gifts to Cut Through the Noise, Increase Referrals, and Strengthen Retention, one of the best ways to build a motivated and loyal team is to give them unique perks. The best perks to give, according to Ruhlin, are “practical luxuries,” which are benefits that make their lives easier or more enjoyable. For example, Ruhlin budgets $1,500 per employee per year to have their houses cleaned.

Look for ways to invest in practical luxuries for your team members, too. In my practice, I give my team members Amazon Kindle ebook readers and give them books for their personal and professional enjoyment. Be creative. Listen for things they struggle with in their day-to-day lives and look for ways to create a perk to make their lives more enjoyable. How can you make your team members’ lives easier or more enjoyable?

Show me your team and I’ll show you your future.

A well-known quote says if you “show me your friends . . . I'll show you your future.” In business, the same things holds true, only the friends who control your future are your team members.

If your team members are loyal and motivated, your future will be bright. You'll make more, work less, and enjoy your life. If not, you'll struggle and eventually burn out.

Show your team members you care about them. Take an interest in what they do. Make working for your practice about more than just a paycheck. And look for opportunities to give them practical luxuries.

That care and generosity will be reciprocated and everyone will benefit—your team members, your patients, your family, and you.

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