Creating Profitability with Yapi with Dr. Gina Dorfman

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In this week’s podcast episode I interview Dr. Gina Dorfman and Adam Bailey from Yapi.

Gina and Adam share really valuable insight into the features of Yapi – a paperless software solution for dental practices.


The Yapi software has been designed as a complete suite of solutions dedicated to maximizing efficiency and profitability of any dental practice. Yapi’s goal is to install truly automated processes that enhance the business side of dentistry, leaving busy doctors and their teams more time to concentrate on patients.

Dr Gina DorfmanWe discussed:

  • Gina’s background and why she has always strived for a paperless practice
  • What paperless means to Gina – her focus on efficiency and putting patients first
  • The features of Yapi and what Yapi is known for, specifically:
    • Mobile Solution: The Yapi app syncs with all devices in your office in real time providing a fully mobile solution
    • Forms: Yapi can be used with consent forms for your patients
    • Communication: Yapi’s communication module which sends notifications to iPhones / mobile devices
    • Patient engagement: Yapi automatically contacts patients via text message, for example, when they are due to make an appointment, appointment reminders, same day text reminders
    • Emails: Yapi has the functionality to send emails to patients
    • Review feature: The Yapi review feature enables you to generate positive reviews

Dr Gina Dorfman

If you would like to learn more about what Yapi does then this episode is a must!

To find out more about Yapi click here.

Here's a short video trailer of the podcast episode