3 Ways to Get More People into Your Dental Marketing Funnel


Dental Marketing has never been as simple or effective as it is today when we can use automated funnels and highly-targeted marketing to attract more patients to our dental practices, instead of the inefficient and expensive marketing options we were stuck with years ago.

The opportunity that dental marketing funnels provide is so much better than anything we’ve seen before, that I highly recommend them to all of my dental coaching and Inner Circle clients, as well as my Delivering WOW Platinum Mastermind members, and have even added done-for-you funnel services to our service mix.

As effective as they can be, however, even the best-planned automated sequence won’t help you grow your practice if you aren’t attracting enough of the right people into the funnel.

Here are three ways to attract more of the right people into your dental marketing funnel, so your automated sequence can guide them to your call to action.

1. Create and promote high-value opt-in content


In my post about how to set up your first dental marketing funnel, I shared that creating a piece of high-value opt-in content was the second step in setting up your funnel. This is because high-value opt-in content like guides, checklists, ebooks, explainer videos, or answers to frequently asked questions have been proven to attract people to your funnel, giving them useful information in exchange for their opting into your automated funnel.

Although it’s important to create high-value opt-in content while you build your funnel, that doesn’t mean you can forget about opt-in content after you create it. To attract more people into your funnel, consider creating multiple pieces of high-value opt-in content for each funnel. For example, you might have a short checklist, pre-recorded video, and a pre-recorded audio interview that align with the goal of your funnel.

Having multiple pieces of high-value opt-in content allows you to attract more people into your funnel because different people have different learning styles. Some people prefer video. Others prefer audio. Others will only consume written content. Also, creating multiple pieces of content on related, but slightly different topics helps you connect with people using multiple messages.

2. Create and recreate multiple Facebook Live events.


Promoting replays of live events is a great way to leverage your time to attract people into your funnel without having to spend additional time doing multiple Facebook Live events. If you’re not attracting as many people to your funnel as you want, consider creating multiple Facebook Live events to lead people into your funnel. The more Facebook Live events you do, the more comfortable you’ll get with them, and the more effective you will be at leading people to download your opt-in content to get them into your funnel. Thus, consider recreating the same Facebook Live events as you get more comfortable with live video and sending people to your opt-in. You can also experiment with hosting Facebook Live events at different times of the day to see if one time is more effective than another.

Finally, as with the opt-in content, you could host Facebook Live events on slightly different topics until you find one that works better than others. By creating and recreating multiple Facebook Live events, you’ll have more touches with people live, better content as you become more comfortable with live video, and multiple video replays to boost on Facebook and promote to your email list.

3. Promote your opt-in content to your patient email list.


If the goal of your funnel is to sell a specific service, rather than to attract new patients to your practice, your existing patient list can be a great place to go to get more people into your funnel.

Because your current patients already know, like, and trust you, they can be much more open to opting in to your funnel for additional services than others who don’t know how great you and your practice are!

Thus, emailing them to let them know about your great new opt-in content or event with a link to your squeeze page can be highly effective at attracting people into your funnel!

Are you ready to fill your funnel?

Because an effective automated funnel cuts your intake time down to nearly nothing, getting people into an automated dental marketing funnel is one of the best uses of your marketing time.

If you’re having trouble getting people into your funnel, these three tips should help you get more people to opt in. If you need more help, check out the team of expert coaches, training, and resources we offer in our signature Delivering WOW Platinum Mastermind Program. You can also join thousands of other dentists helping each other in my Free Dental Marketing and Profits Facebook Group!

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