How to Spot and Plug any Leaks in Your Dental Marketing Funnel

How to Spot and Plug any Leaks in Your Dental Marketing Funnel

In recent weeks, I’ve been talking a lot about dental marketing funnels, because they're my favorite way to skyrocket the profits of your dental practice.

If you're new to funnels, I believe every dental office needs a funnel as part of their dental marketing plan. It sounds complicated, I know, but they don't have to be. Funnels are really just an online or automated way to lead a prospect or patient through an onboarding or sales process that you normally would do in person or on the phone. If the normal sales process is simple, your dental marketing funnel can be simple, like this Invisalign sales funnel.

Even better, a well-designed funnel can even prequalify people so you and they can know they're a candidate for what you're looking to promote through your funnel, so neither you nor your prospect waste time or money on something that won't be a fit for either of you.

Like any onboarding or sales process, the more qualified leads you get into and through your funnel, the better your results will be!

But what if you did everything right, set up your funnel, and the leads aren't coming? Your marketing funnel might have a leak! Don't worry, it happens all the time. The more funnels you build, the better they will work. And the longer each funnel is in place, the more you'll learn about it and how you can improve it.

Here are three ways to spot and plug leaks in your funnel.

Unqualified people are making it into your funnel

How to Spot and Plug any Leaks in Your Dental Marketing Funnel

A good marketing funnel is designed with a goal in mind. Your goal might be to acquire a new patient, offer a new service to existing patients, or to promote an existing procedure. Whatever it is, your funnel needs to attract people who are a good match for the goal and offer a piece of targeted, high-value opt-in content to get their attention and get them to opt in to your funnel sequence.

If you notice a number of unqualified people making it into your funnel, it's likely because either your opt-in content isn't targeted enough, or your efforts to attract people into your funnel (like Facebook ads) aren't targeted enough.

For example, if you're looking to attract people into an automated Invisalign marketing funnel, opt-in content about teeth whitening would likely attract a number of people who would not be interested in Invisalign. On the other hand, content that answers frequently asked questions about Invisalign or shares how to know if you qualify for Invisalign would only attract people who are interested in Invisalign.

If your opt-in content is targeted and high-value content and you're still seeing unqualified people getting into your funnel, like people from outside of your service area, it's possible your outreach isn't targeted enough. For example, your Facebook ads audience might need to be adjusted by location to your area to make sure you're only paying for clicks from people who are interested in your service and likely to come to you if they decide it's for them.

People getting stuck in your funnel

How to Spot and Plug any Leaks in Your Dental Marketing Funnel

If you're getting mostly qualified leads into your funnel, but people aren't making it through, take a close look at that part of your funnel. Does it deliver on the promise from the previous step? Is it off topic? Does it skip too far? Does it encourage people to move to the next step?

Adjust that step to make sure it delivers a promise from the previous step, is a logical next step in the onboarding or sales process, and delivers a promise or some other reason for your ideal prospects to want to move to the next step.

People who aren’t ready to take the next step at the end of your funnel

How to Spot and Plug any Leaks in Your Dental Marketing Funnel

If your funnel is attracting qualified people and leading them through the end, but they’re still not taking action, it's possible you have an incomplete funnel. In this case, it's likely that you've presented your funnel well to attract qualified leads and offered valuable content to them each next step along the way. The issue is likely that

  • your call to action is too big a step from where your funnel ends,
  • your funnel doesn't address at least one question prospects typically have, or
  • you haven't built trust and rapport into your funnel.

Take a look at your funnel process with your ideal prospect in mind. Is your call to action too big a step from the end of your funnel? Are there additional questions you need to answer? Did you build enough trust and rapport with them so they get to know, like, and trust you and don't just take your info and go somewhere else?

It’s your turn.

Are you using funnels as part of your dental marketing plan? If so, take ten minutes to examine how prospects are making into and through your funnel. How can you improve each step of your funnel to get even better results? Do you see any leaks? If so, take action to improve your funnel or plug leaks to get even better results!


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