How to Get Hundreds of Leads Before you Even Open Your Dental Practice

Open Dental Practice - delivering wow

If you’ve been reading my blog or listening to my podcast, you know my favorite way to grow a dental practice is through dental-marketing funnels. I believe every dentist needs at least one dental marketing funnel in their practice. If you want to grow your dental practice into a busy, high-profit dental practice full of patients who rave about you to their friends and family, dental-marketing funnels are your answer!

Dental-marketing funnels are so powerful, they can help you even if you haven’t opened the doors of your practice yet and don’t have a big marketing budget.

For example, in a recent Delivering WOW podcast episode, I shared the story of Dr. Ashley Joves who used a simple funnel to add over 1,000 Facebook fans, grow an email list of almost 300 patient leads for a waiting list, and have 50 people schedule appointments before she even opened the doors.

The best part about it for Dr. Joves was she accomplished all that by spending only $685.00 on advertising. The best part for you is the process she used to get those results is simple and can apply to a number of different situations, such as if you want to expand your office in a different location, add a new doctor, or renovate your building.

Here are three keys to attracting hundreds of new leads before your big opening, expansion, or renovation!

1. Start early.

Open dental practice - Delivering Wow

Announce your new practice, expansion, or renovation as soon as you commit to making it happen. In addition to public accountability, this allows you to share your journey while building a warm, excited audience and having multiple opportunities to get people to opt into your simple dental-marketing funnel.

Dr. Joves started the day she left her associate position by posting a Facebook Live video where she announced she bought a building and would be opening her own practice. She then worked with me and my team to build a practice page and set a goal of having over 1,000 relevant likes by the time her doors opened.

2. Share your journey.

Let people look behind the curtain as you embark on your new journey. With Dr. Joves, this meant sharing pictures, live videos, and other exciting posts about all aspects of her new practice, starting with her vision and what would make her practice different and better (Check out our list of free dental advertising ideas). She shared design choices, construction updates, and more, boosting some of the posts through Facebook to get important updates in front of even more potential patients!

3. Incentivize participation in your new venture and make it a winning situation for prospects.

Open dental practice - Delivering Wow

Give people a big reason to go from social-media contacts to real leads. Dr. Joves did this by offering people a $50 coupon off their first visit just for joining her VIP waiting list and announcing one sign-up would win a choice of $1,000 to spend toward dental care at her office or free teeth whitening for life! She also offered to invite everyone on her VIP waiting list to an in-person celebration!

This made it an easy decision for people in her practice area to join. Her incentive was great because it was all tied to services at her office, so the only people who were incentivized to join were potential patients. If she had given away an iPad, she’d have gotten signups from people around the world who would never come to her office.

4. Add an extra incentive for people who act fast to schedule an appointment.

As your opening, expansion, or renovation is nearing, announce an extra bonus for people who act fast to schedule an appointment. This could be something like a free service for people who make an appointment by a certain date, or even a discount for the first 25 people who schedule an appointment. Whatever it is, tie it to making an appointment and either limit the number of people who can take advantage of it or the time by which they need to take advantage of it to push people to act fast.

Dr. Joves gave an extra bonus for the first 25 people to schedule an appointment.

5. Use a simple funnel to make it easy to implement.

Dr. Joves worked with my team to build her funnel using a ClickFunnels two-step funnel. The first step was setting up a squeeze page to collect names and email addresses. After people opted in, they went to a landing page that reminded them of the benefits of being on the list and let them know they would be receiving their $50 coupon by email. That’s all she needed to manage her funnel. All her online promotion was Facebook ads and boosting some posts, working with my team, and she an ad spend of only $685! Because she didn’t have web traffic or an existing email list or Facebook page when she started, we mostly targeted people who had watched her videos or people who engaged with her posts for paid promotions and let her funnels do the work of collecting email addresses and sending out the incentive coupons and invitations!

6. Open your doors with patients excited and ready!

Open dental practice - Delivering Wow

By starting early, sharing your story, and using smart incentives and a simple funnel to build a warm, excited audience, you have the opportunity to start a practice or kick off an expansion or renovation project with people ready to jump in your chair, just like Dr. Joves had!

Take a peek behind the curtain!

If you want to see exactly how Dr. Joves went from no list, no facebook page, and no patients to over 1,000 raving Facebook fans, almost 300 patients on a VIP waiting list, and more than 50 scheduled appointments in a matter of months, before she even opened her doors, check out the team of expert coaches, training, and resources we offer in our signature Delivering WOW Platinum Mastermind Program.

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