Split Testing: One Simple Trick to Supercharge Your Dental Marketing Funnels

Split Testing One Simple Trick to Supercharge Your Dental Marketing Funnels - Delivering Wow

When you’ve been using marketing funnels in your practice for a while, you’ll likely find some that send your patients on autopilot. Although it’s tempting to leave them alone, one simple trick, called A/B testing or split testing, can help you get even better results from those funnels without turning off what’s already working.

Even better, if you’re using software like ClickFunnels, split testing is simple to implement.

How using A/B Testing, or Split Testing, can Supercharge Your Dental-Marketing Funnels

A/B testing, or split testing, involves having two, slightly different versions of the same thing to see which works the best.

With funnels, you can change the copy or image on your Facebook ad to see which version will get the best results. You could also change the landing-page colors, image, copy, or layout and see which version gets a better opt-in rate.

With Facebook and software like ClickFunnels, A/B testing is easy. In fact, it’s just a few clicks away in both Facebook and ClickFunnels.

How to Split Test Facebook Ads

Split Testing One Simple Trick to Supercharge Your Dental Marketing Funnels - Delivering Wow

With Facebook, you just duplicate an already-running ad, edit the duplicate version to change one or more of the elements, let both versions of the ad run for a couple of days, and turn off whichever one performs worse. As you get comfortable with it, you can have three, four, or even more ads running at the same time, by going through the same process multiple times and using a budget of a few dollars a day until you know which ones you want to continue using. Here are detailed instructions on what to split test in Facebook Ads Manager (and how to do it) to lower your costs while getting more people into your dental marketing funnel.

How to Split Test in ClickFunnels

Split testing your landing pages in ClickFunnels is as simple as a few clicks. All you need to do is go to the funnel you want to split test, click “Start Split Test,” create a variation of your existing funnel, edit the variation, similar to with Facebook, and click the “Start Split Test” button.

ClickFunnels will then run both versions of the funnel and let you know how they’re performing. You can pause, edit, or stop the split test whenever you want.

Once you have enough traffic to your funnel to see which version performs the best, you can declare the winner and use the best-performing version.

Always be Optimizing

Split Testing One Simple Trick to Supercharge Your Dental Marketing Funnels - Delivering Wow

You might not want to fix what isn’t broken, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve it!

The most successful dental marketers are always testing their marketing methods. When we split test for our clients in their Facebook Ads Manager and ClickFunnels accounts, we often find the first version of an ad or landing page isn’t the best-performing one, even if it performs well within expectations. Because of that, we split test everything in order to continually improve results. I highly recommend you split test even your best-performing funnels in order to get the best results you can with your marketing time, effort, and budget.

If you’re having trouble optimizing your already-performing dental marketing funnels, consider split testing in Facebook Ads Manager or ClickFunnels.

Let me know how it goes when you split test. How many times is your best-performing version the original version? How many times was it a variation, which you never would have tried if you didn’t split test?

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