3 Types of Strategies Every Dental Practice Needs to Grow

3 Types of Growth Strategies Every Dental Practice Needs

Imagine building a dental practice in such a way that you get more accomplished in a matter of months than most dentists achieve in years. What would it do for your practice if you could consistently increase revenues from existing patients, decrease operating costs, and build and market your brand to attract new patients?

For some dentists, that sounds too good to be true. Their practice and personal life feel so busy and stressful, they can’t even begin to imagine building a profit-generation machine like that!

I see dentists accomplish this incredible feat all the time (and even help them do so through my business bootcamps). In my business bootcamps, we help dentists become better leaders, build a unique practice culture, and inspire your team to help get results.

With the right focus, all of that is possible in just a matter of months. The key to doing so is to simultaneously implement three simple strategies into your practice. Individually, each of these can help you increase revenue, decrease costs, build a stronger team, or grow your brand and marketing.

Together, these three types of strategies turn your practice into a profit-generation machine! Here are the three types of strategies every dental practice needs in order to generate real dental practice growth.

Dental Office Profit Strategies

3 Types of Strategies Every Dental Practice Needs To Grow

Profit strategies are ways you and your team can increase revenue from existing patients. To be clear, this doesn’t mean upselling patients on procedures they don’t need. It means doing things like getting every patient who calls to schedule their next appointment, checking for unscheduled family members when scheduling someone’s appointment, and working outstanding claims on a daily basis to get claims processed faster.

There are dozens of ways to increase your profits by helping patients make appointments, afford their services, and get paid faster through insurance.

By building profit strategies into your routine, you can see an instant revenue boost, less unscheduled time, and faster revenue receipts.

Dental Office Systems Strategies

3 Types of Strategies Every Dental Practice Needs To Grow

Dental office systems strategies are ways you improve the efficiency of your office and strength of your team. They involve things such as setting your company’s vision statement, creating team vision boards, setting a time for a weekly leadership meeting, scheduling team training and lunch and learns, and more.

Systems strategies help you improve your leadership, strengthen your team, and get everyone on your team moving in the same direction.

Dental Office Brand Development or Marketing Strategies

3 Types of Strategies Every Dental Practice Needs To Grow

Dental office brand development or marketing strategies help you add new patients to your practice. The best brand development or dental marketing strategies include Facebook for dentists, dental marketing funnels, collecting video testimonials, and scheduling an office photo shoot to use for website, social media, brochures, mailers, etc.

Dental marketing or brand-building strategies are especially effective when combined with systems that get your team moving efficiently in the same direction, and profit-building strategies maximize revenue per patient.

The Value of Using All Three of These Types of Strategies

Some dental practices regularly use only one or two of these types of strategies. For example, they might implement systems and marketing strategies, but not profit strategies. Practices that do that cap their growth potential, because the practice isn’t maximizing the revenue per patient.

Other practices implement profit and systems strategies but fall behind with brand development and marketing. Those practices limit their growth, because they can only increase profits as much as they can schedule appointments, collect payments, and operate efficiently. They won’t experience the explosive growth they could get if they introduced new patients into such a well-running practice on a regular basis.

If you’re not using all three of these types of systems to grow your office, it’s not too late to start! You can find more examples of each of these types of systems by checking out the team of expert coaches, training, and resources we offer in our signature Delivering WOW Platinum Mastermind ProgramYou can also join my free Dental Marketing and Profits Facebook group where thousands of dentists and I help each other build better practices.

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