The Power of Storytelling in Case Acceptance

The Power of Storytelling in Case Acceptance

This week on the Delivering WOW podcast, I explore the power of storytelling in case acceptance. Many dentists and team members struggle to get a patient to accept a treatment plan. The main reason for this is because dentists tend to get super technical and formal with patients and they ultimately lose interest because they don’t understand what’s going on.

In this week’s podcast, I share the concept of storytelling in case acceptance. Storytelling is a powerful thing. Humans have told stories since the beginning of time, whether it's on cave walls, around campfires or in storybooks. People are attracted to stories because they can relate to them and this is something that a lot of dentists and other professionals neglect in their marketing strategies.



Here’s what I discussed on the podcast:

  • How we’ve used Facebook and Google ads to generate quality leads for our practice
  • Using an interactive quiz where potential patients can find out if they are a suitable candidate for a particular procedure
  • Why sharing success stories with your patients is more impactful than showing models of teeth and feeding them with a lot of technical information
  • Finding a way to fit more intricate dentistry (such as implants and cosmetic dentistry) into every patient’s budget
  • How storytelling can have a positive impact on you and your practice
  • The importance of telling stories that are real and taking your patients through the journey from before you began the treatment right up until the end result


The Power of Storytelling in Case Acceptance


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