How to Create Change Inside Your Practice

How to Create Change Inside Your Practice

In many industries, businesses have owners, visionaries, and operational leaders, such as COOs and Marketing Directors leading their companies.

In the dental industry, however, many dentists feel as if they need to do everything themselves. They need to be the owner, visionary, CEO, COO, Marketing Director, HR, and even Customer Support agents.

And that's not even taking into account the fact that they need to care for patients well, too.

How can any one person do all those things, and do them well?

They can't. It's not possible.

Whenever I meet a dentist who is trying to do everything, I soon learn they're not doing well in one or more areas. Some aren't attracting patients. Others have teams who are not performing well. Others struggle to keep up with their finances. Many of them are not doing their best in any area.

It doesn't have to be that way. In fact, it shouldn't be that way. We can achieve true growth and fulfillment from our practices. We can change. But when we're stuck in the busyness of doing everything, it can seem daunting or impossible to change.

The more dentists I help through Dental Profit Academy, bootcamps, or my Inner Circle, the more I realize true change happens by lifting up and empowering leaders within our practices and letting go of things we can't or shouldn't have to be doing ourselves.

When we do that, we can build transformational leadership in our practices. We build teams of leaders and those leaders transform our practices, our lives, and their lives too. Everyone wins.

Transformational leadership makes everyone win


How to Create Change Inside Your Practice


Some people say that behind every great company is a great leader. Have we heard that before? I say, “Behind every great company is a leader who hires and inspires great leaders, and then moves out of the way, so together, you can make your greatest contribution.”

The difference between those two phrases is important. The first phrase puts the emphasis on one person. That would be the motto of the dentist who feels the need to do everything themselves.

The second, puts the emphasis on lifting up, empowering, and letting go. That would be the motto of a dentist looking to develop transformational leadership that changes lives.

When we lift up and empower leaders in our practices and get out of the way, everyone wins. We win because we let go of the false belief that we need to do everything. We also win because we can focus on doing the things we enjoy, are best at, and need to do as owners and dentists. It's the only way we as team leaders, as doctors, can move closer to achieving our personal dreams.


Our practices can help us achieve our personal dreams. But they'll never do that if we do not hire and inspire great leaders.

Our team members win because they get to assume leadership roles, develop skills, and impact change. Great leaders are not defined by their titles. By putting people in a position to grow, we can hire and inspire leaders at all levels of our practice. That will help our team members grow faster and further than they would otherwise do so in a typical career path.

Finally, our patients win, too. When we are not spread so thin, we can focus even more time and attention on Delivering WOW to them. And when our team members continue to grow and win, they become even more fulfilled and effective in their work. That positions them to Deliver WOW to patients as well.

Who can you lift up and empower in your practice?


How to Create Change Inside Your Practice


The only way to create change inside our practices is to change the way we lead.

If you are working too hard, feeling stressed, or feel stuck having to do everything yourself, look for ways to lift up, empower, and let go. You don't need to let go of everything at once. But the only way to grow is to let go of something.

What if Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, ran a dental practice? What would he do? Would he do all his own marketing? Would he do his own bookkeeping? Would he train everyone on his team? No, he wouldn't.

He grew and scaled Amazon because he hired and empowered the best people he could find in each area of his business.

We need to do the same to you. The first step to do that is to look for the next great leader, a great second-in-command. Who in your practice do you believe has the drive, skills, and work ethic to take over even one or two tasks that you shouldn't be doing? How can you empower them to step up and help you create true change in your practice?


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