One Tool Every Practice Can Use to Increase Productivity

One Tool Every Practice Can Use to Increase Productivity


Every successful, profitable, and productive dental practice needs three things. First, they need the right people working together. Second, they need the right systems and processes in place. Third, they need the right tools to set everyone up for success.

One of my absolute favorite tools that I use with my teams is Asana. I use it in my practice and with Delivering WOW, and I recommend it to all my Dental Profit Academy and Inner Circle clients.

Asana is a simple piece of software that can help your practice run like a well-oiled machine. It works on your computer as well as with a smartphone app and can even sync the app with Google or iCalendar to make sure everything you do in Asana is synched with every team member’s calendar. And the best part of it is it can grow with you, too. When you are just starting out, Asana offers several simple features to help you collaborate with your team. As you grow, you can use several more features to manage multiple projects, calendars, and more. Here are several ways you can use Asana to increase productivity in your dental practice.

Use Asana to create and manage key projects.


One Tool Every Practice Can Use to Increase Productivity


With so many responsibilities, it is easy for projects to get dropped. Asana helps avoid this problem by allowing you to create projects and assign specific tasks to appropriate team members.

If your team members have a question, they can ask you right in Asana without having to interrupt you from doing other important things.

This allows you to get your other work done and respond to your team at a convenient time for you. You can even reply from Asana’s mobile app from outside of the office. No dropped projects. No interruptions. Once you reply, simply assign the project back to the appropriate team member to continue working on the project.

Without Asana, you could ask a team member to help with something and then get so busy you forget to follow up. Or, your team member might get so busy with other tasks that they never get to your new project. Weeks or even months go by, and nothing changes. Asana helps you stay on top of these things so you can be reminded of the tasks, adjust other activities for the team member, or reassign the task to another team member with more available time.

Use Asana to ensure each team member knows what tasks they need to get done.

Although it is important for your entire team to work together toward a common goal, it is not necessary for every team member to be involved in every project.

With Asana, you can create and assign projects based on the specific subject matter or by the people who need to be involved in each project.

This way, only team members who need to be involved in projects get notified. Others can concentrate on their tasks without disruption.

With my practice, we have some projects accessible to our entire team. Others are assigned to our leadership team only, marketing department, or even accounting. We even have a dedicated project for training and development initiatives.

With each project, we assign specific tasks to specific team members so everyone knows exactly what they need to do. This helps avoid the situation where each team member assumes someone else is performing a task.

Use Asana to help implement your 90-day plan.


One Tool Every Practice Can Use to Increase Productivity


In Dental Profit Academy and my Inner Circle, we help dentists create massive change by creating 90-day action plans. Our 90-day action planning is a proven strategy and blueprint to achieve top personal and practice goals.

While many dentists have set and achieved top goals using spreadsheets, Asana makes implementing your plan so much easier. All you need to do is assign key tasks to the right people and add due dates. Asana will help hold everyone accountable.

Asana makes team member collaboration easy and organized.

One of my favorite features of Asana is how simple it is for team members to work together using the task list feature. For example, my team and I use Asana’s task list feature to make sure we do not run out of supplies.

When a team member notices something is low, they put a link to the product sales page as an Asana task and assign it to me. I then get a notification that I have a task, along with the due date, which syncs with my calendar.

I can then go in, open my task list, and make sure everything gets ordered on time, every time.

What do you use to manage tasks and projects?


One Tool Every Practice Can Use to Increase Productivity


Without Asana, many practices find it hard to get every team member on the same page when it comes to key tasks. That causes things to be forgotten and team members to be significantly less productive.

Asana’s ability to make scheduling, assigning, and communicating seamless and simple can help make even the most disorganized practice more efficient.


To learn more about using Asana to become more efficient, manage tasks, assign them to team members, and hold everyone accountable for completing their assignments, check out the team of expert coaches, training, and resources we offer in our signature Delivering WOW Platinum Mastermind Program.

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