Why Every Dental Practice Needs to Hold Regular Leadership Team Meetings

Why Every Dental Practice Needs to Hold Regular Leadership Team Meetings

Company meetings have earned an undeserved bad reputation. Unorganized or poorly run meetings might be a waste of time. But well-run meetings are one of the best investments you can make in your practice.

If you have not held leadership team meetings in your practice, consider holding them moving forward. Start this week. Here are just some of the reasons holding regular face-to-face meetings with your leadership team is so important.

Everyone stays accountable.


Why Every Dental Practice Needs to Hold Regular Leadership Team Meetings


Meeting face to face sets and reinforces key deadlines. We recommend you hold weekly team meetings. During your meeting, each leadership team member should be asked to give an update on their progress with key initiatives. Knowing they will need to provide an update in front of colleagues motivates people to take action each and every week.

This means everyone on your team—including you—will be much more focused on making consistent progress on key tasks.

Everyone gets help.

Meeting on a regular basis makes work much easier on everyone in your practice. Small issues get resolved before they become big. Inefficiencies get identified and fixed. Resources get distributed to where they are most needed at the time. Any big issues that arise get broken down into smaller chunks to make weekly progress achievable.

You set priorities for your practice.


Why Every Dental Practice Needs to Hold Regular Leadership Team Meetings


Regular leadership team meetings allow you and your leadership team to prioritize tasks. This is especially true when you create a scorecard to identify and track the most important numbers in your practice.

During your meeting, you and your team can identify where you make the most impact that week. Do you need to focus on production per visit? Do you need to reduce accounts receivable over 30 days? Do you need to get inactive patients rescheduled?

As your practice grows, your priorities will shift.

Regular leadership team meetings help you keep more control over the direction of your practice as things change.

You improve communication in your practice.

Having regular meetings ensures each team leader is communicating with his or her team on a regular basis. To keep momentum moving forward, they will need to work closely with their team members. They will need to discuss priorities with their team members. They will need to identify and resolve issues with their team members.

Additionally, each leader will need to report back to the group. They will need to get information from their team members. All of those conversations lead to more open communication in your practice. In fact, many issues will get solved between meetings because of the natural improvement in communication.

You keep your practice culture and vision top of mind.


Why Every Dental Practice Needs to Hold Regular Leadership Team Meetings


We are busy. Our team leaders get busy. Our team members are busy. If we are not intentional about keeping our practice culture and vision top of mind, it is easy for things to slip. In extreme cases, weeks or months could go by without improving culture or moving closer to our vision.

Regular leadership meetings give us an opportunity to make sure we maintain the practice culture we desire. They help us build momentum toward the practice vision we set.

For example, during your meetings, you can set aside time to discuss opportunities to improve culture. You can evaluate whether the progress you are making is leading you closer to your practice vision. You can identify new projects or events you can do to keep moving toward your vision. You can address any issues that are inconsistent with your desired practice culture. You can openly ask questions to your team about how to solve issues in a way that is consistent with your culture and practice vision.

You can become very intentional about using your desired culture and vision as a filter for ideas or challenges. Otherwise, you could find yourself making progress but abandoning the culture you want to build. You could find yourself “succeeding” with practice growth strategies but not in the direction you envision for your practice.

Progress is important, but progress in the right direction is the goal.

Schedule a recurring leadership team meeting today.

If you have not set a time to meet with your leadership team, set a time today. We suggest setting aside ninety minutes for each meeting and using this team meeting agenda to keep your meeting focused. In a focused ninety minutes, you can give each team member time to update the group on progress, identify and solve issues, set to-do items, and more.


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