How to Launch a Successful Start-Up Dental Practice


Launching a startup dental practice is exciting, but it can also be stressful, especially if you go at it alone. You have to invest a lot of money on the build-out, equipment, supplies, and branding, all before a single patient comes through the door. But what if it didn’t need to be that way? What if there were a way to launch a successful start-up dental practice with a list of patients already scheduled?

That’s what Dr. Tien Dang and Tiffany La wanted for Studio Dental of River Park when they signed up to be coached by my team in my Facebook Bootcamp. In less than two hours a week, Tien and Tiffany put in place a plan to make their practice a success from the start. Here’s how they did it.

Pre-Practice Opening Branding Strategy


How to Launch a Successful Start-Up Dental Practice


While Studio Dental of River Park opened in December of 2018, Tien and Tiffany started working with us to market the practice six months earlier.

During that time, they built a VIP email list, posted to Instagram, and hosted weekly Facebook Live videos to update people on practice construction and why they love dentistry. They showed people lavender neck warmers, scented warm towels, Netflix, TVs, wireless Bluetooth headphones, and other amenities to help anxious patients feel at ease. Additionally, they showed off all the dental technology they invested in to allow them to provide top dental care. This helped potential patients feel connected to the practice and confident that they would be in good hands if they became patients.

Additionally, anyone who signed up for their VIP email list received a $50 voucher toward their first visit. On the very first day, they had almost 100 people sign up for their email list.

Finally, as their grand opening got closer, they ran a giveaway contest on Facebook. Originally, the plan was to give one winner a choice between $1000 in free dental work or whitening for life. But their Facebook videos were getting so many viewers (14,000 to 20,000 per video) that they expand the contest to five winners.

Costs to Run a Successful Start-Up Practice Marketing Plan


How to Launch a Successful Start-Up Dental Practice


As members of our Facebook Bootcamp, Tien and Tiffany had access to the top tools, training, resources, and coaching for opening a dental practice.

With that in place, their advertising costs were about $700 total. They spent about $500 between June and December implementing the plan, boosting their videos to reach more people. As their opening got closer, they spent an additional $200 to promote their funnel for their VIP email list to help them get patients booked.

Results of a Successful Start-Up Practice Marketing Plan


How to Launch a Successful Start-Up Dental Practice


Studio Dental of River Park’s startup funnel was a tremendous success. Unlike many practices who struggle to get their first patients booked, Studio Dental of River Park had patients scheduled from the start. They scheduled sixty patients before they even opened the doors, with many more following quickly thereafter.

Even better, many of those patients came for high-value procedures. Some had prior root canals but didn’t go back for the crown because they lost trust in their dentist. Others had been anxious to go to the dentist and had not been in a while. But all these patients grew to trust Tien and Tiffany during their marketing campaign, so they came in already trusting them.

Because these patients trusted Tien and Tiffany, case acceptance was very high, and Studio Dental of River Park got more than 70 five-star reviews during their first three months.

Are you ready to get better results in less time?

Studio Dental of River Park is an amazing example of how investing in proven marketing and growth strategies can set you up for success. Whether you are just getting started or have been operating your practice for years, investing in coaching, resources, and proven strategies is the best way to build your practice.

Tien and Tiffany invested in our Facebook Bootcamp to help them fill their schedule before they opened the doors. You can get free access to Facebook Bootcamp, weekly coaching from the best experts in the dental industry, and the best practice resources available by joining the Delivering WOW Platinum Mastermind Program.

You can also join thousands of other dentists helping each other in my free Dental Marketing and Profits Facebook Group.