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Join a community of over 2,500+ dentists and teams becoming better leaders, mastering case acceptance, adding accountability, mastering scheduling, reducing stress and building their dream practice. ❤️

Using our proprietary Dental Boss Roadmap and Profitability Framework, we train dental practice owners and their teams how to Implement repeatable systems that create continuous growth up to 30-50%.

Our mission  is to help simplify the business side of dentistry and take training off your plate to build a practice that runs like a well oiled machine.

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What You Will Get From Business Quick Start

We believe that the fastest way to reach your vision is by helping you to master the business side of running your practice, while we train your team.

You and your team will have 24/7 online training plus weekly calls…

And you won’t be left, struggling to find answers on your own like so many other colleagues.


You will be guided by the most respected team in Dentistry…

Just like Dr. Patel...

“Platinum Elite Coaching has allowed us to become THE premier dental practice in our city. My whole experience has been AWESOME.”

"Platinum Elite Coaching is different because their focus is on team training as well as helping you as the dentist. We were looking to grow our dental practice and found hundreds of consulting firms, marketing agencies and coaches who were offering training. The reason we selected Platinum Coaching is because we wanted to have a team of leaders who were highly trained and excited to grow personally and professionally.

Me and my team have continuous training and it is customized to what my practice needs.

With Platinum Elite Coaching, we get to empower our team. We’ve learned to grow and scale, we’ve learned leadership skills. We’ve learned the importance of a practice philosophy and how that feeds into team members.

I would 100% refer Platinum Elite Coaching to others. (I already have!)"

What You Will Get From The business Quick Start:

Coaching Calls Each Month

You will work with our team of top dental coaches to help you with leadership, systems, numbers, training, new patients, marketing, hygiene profitability, and more.

Access to Knowledge

Instantly access hundreds of how-to modules ranging from leadership to front office and office manager training to scheduling to case acceptance scripts.

Access Tools

Get instant access to tools such as gap assessments and KPI dashboards that you can use so you can make sure your practice is running efficiently at all times.

Access to Community

You are never alone. Join a community of 2,500+ happy dentists and teams that helps you achieve your full potential in your practice and personal life.

Marketing Support

Learn how to get new patients without spending a bunch of money on marketing. With monthly calls, social content, articles as well as training we share the most successful marketing content and campaigns for you to copy.

Staffing Support

We will help you learn how to find the right people and set them up for success in your practice. Empower your team to become leaders in your practice.
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Join a Community of 2,500+
Happy ❤️ Dentists


Private Share Groups
For Each Role in The Practice to Connect

"I paid off a $100K line of credit in 6 months thanks to Platinum Elite Coaching."

"l opened my practice 24 years ago. I love dentistry and really enjoyed treating patients, it's the business stuff that I really kind of pushed aside.

A year and a half ago I was introduced to Business Quick Start. I started implementing whiteboards, as well as the process of reverse engineering how to scale my practice.

I've had incredible success, in the last six or seven months, I’ve had the opportunity to set aside a rainy day fund, which I hadn't had before, pay off a $100k line of credit and be able to purchase a scanner with cash. With Platinum Elite Coaching you will have so much incredible guidance. Thank you so much Anissa. I couldn't have done it without your guidance!"

The Business Quick Start Is:

The Closest Thing To A
Guaranteed Successful Practice
That You'll Ever See...

If you are accepted into our program, here's how it works:

First, we'll get on the phone, and discuss your clinical vision and your personal and professional goals.

What is not working in your practice?
What are your current practice goals?
What is your current hiring process?
How many new patients per month do you need to reach profitability?
What clinical vision do you have for the practice?
How fast do you want the practice to grow?
Which cost control methods will you focus on?

Once we understand your practice, we'll structure 2 calls each month to focus on:

1. Systems Call

In addition to hundreds of hours of 24/7 on demand training, we will guide you and your team to implement a new system every month.

2. Marketing Call

We will review your current marketing campaigns and provide guidance to better generate new patients.


Mastermind with other start-ups, learn hiring and marketing systems used by successful practices.

This structure is proven in 1,000s of practices, to help train and align you and your team... So even when you take time off from your practice, nothing slips through the cracks so it keeps running just like you were there.

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Happy ❤️ Dentists

"2 new patients every single day this week (and more scheduled Saturday and next week)... ALL from Facebook! One was a $30k case that I closed today! Wooo 🥰🤩."

"We coach 1000's of practices like Dr. Hagan on how to get new patients without wasting a bunch of money on marketing. If you are a startup, have an established practice that is not growing, or have a multi-million dollar practice looking to scale.

The Delivering WOW Marketing Program, as an independent program and included at no additional charge in our Platinum Elite and our Business Quick Start Programs, is designed to get your practice schedule booked out quickly — and give you everything you need to transform your dental practice and keep it productive and profitable for the long term.

Dr. Bronwyn Hagan

Business Quick Start Coaches the Doctor AND the team.

Our team will PERSONALLY work with you 1-on-1
your team to help you create a highly successful  practice...

Without ANY Of the Typical Costs, Risk, and Stress.

The Business Quick Start growth program is the closest thing to a guaranteed, successful practice that you'll ever see so you can experience the QUALITY OF LIFE you deserve.

We have crafted a customized, yet rock-solid and dependable, method  for dental practices. Our customized, collaborative approach has helped THOUSANDS of dentists and staff members confidently create the practice of their dreams.

But it's not just about practice growth. It's SO much more than that. Our process focuses on guiding you and your team through the detailed steps you need to take for a profitable AND purposeful practice.

"I Love the Business Quick Start Program. They Helped Me Grow and Improve Team Culture."

"I love that Business Quick Start is all-encompassing. Not only dental specifics, but it goes over the business of ownership. The program is dentist-led, they know the day-to-day living as a dentist and that is super important to us.

Business Quick Start is really great at making simple things extraordinary. They have specialists in all categories and can teach in all manners of dentistry.

This program is for any dentist that wants to grow, change the culture or build a brand. I highly recommend any dental practice try this program!"

Dr. Melissa Schuldt

We've Helped 1,000's of dentists
and TEAM members
create the practice of their dreams.

The Practice Gap Assessment™ helps you identify you and your team’s strengths and weaknesses so you can start solving your issues - for good.

What Do Dentists Like You Say About Dental Boss’s Impact on Their Team?

"A great atmosphere for doctors and team to thrive! I would totally recommend the Business Quick Start program to anyone looking to grow and empower staff to grow to their fullest potential!"
-Dr. Paul Nguyen
"All I can say is that I’m amazed by the amount of content they’ve put together for the entire practice from the leadership to every role. I’ve started training new staff with their tracks and they love it!
-Dr. Karishma Sheth
“We are just starting with the Facebook Bootcamp module and I can't begin to tell you how much my team has learned. We tried doing ads ourselves last year and completely failed. We just gave up on marketing. This program is great!“
- Dr. Aleksander Vojdanoski
“We've grown our page likes quickly, organically reached more people for engagement, and have stopped paying for social media services, all because Business Quick Start has shown us how to do it the right way.
-Dr. Cindy Chay


"With Business Quick Start, the sky is the limit. If you have a goal to reach they have the tools you need to help you get there. "

"When we were shut down from COVID, I came across Business Quick Start in one of my Facebook groups. They were sharing free information preparing us for what to do during the pandemic and how to prepare for when we come back. They have continued to offer help to get keep our office on track. It really shows their integrity and I can tell they believe what they are doing... to make dental practices successful and it's not just about the money.

The thing I love most about Business Quick Start is that they are constantly giving us knowledge that is up to date. They also challenge our team to grow with different programs. These programs hold us accountable with deadlines so our practice is more successful.

When you work with Business Quick Start, the sky is the limit. If you have a goal to reach they have the tools you need to help you get there."

Join business Quick Start and Access Exclusive Growth Communities

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Join a Community of 2,500+
Happy ❤️ Dentists

"Business Quick Start helps me grow personally and professionally and also allows my TEAM to become LEADERS in our office."

"I joined the dental boss community through another friend. When I got introduced to Dental Boss and I met Anissa I was floored. I was not used to being in this type of community. I know I found a place where I was going to grow personally and professionally and also allow my team to ABSOLUTELY rock it out in our office.

This program helps me learn the skills I need as a leader, to really learn the business of dentistry and also for my team to learn each of their individual roles. Everyone has to learn their role in order for our practice to run.

Business Quick Start brings us all together under one mission, one goal, one focus to grow our practice."

Benefit from Group Pricing and Discounts

Save up To 60% on Dental Supplies, Labs & Equipment

As a special bonus… Business Quick Start members get exclusive access to our savings program used by THOUSANDS of dentists to save money on items we already purchase.

Our members have the opportunity to take advantage of a wide array of benefits, including pricing contracts, savings programs, employee perk programs, and marketing opportunities.

Business Quick Start offers our members over 2,000,000+ items from over 50+ of dentistry’s top manufacturers, with product offerings from major brands such as Straumann, DSG, Studio 360 Dental Lab, Open Dental, Dell, and more.

Frequently Asked questions

Who can watch the On-Demand Training Videos?

Anyone on the Dental Team can watch the On-Demand Training Videos

How can the Dental Team watch the  On-Demand Training Videos?

You can use your computer, tablet, or phone to watch the videos.

How do I log on to watch the On-Demand Training Videos?

You will use your unique user ID and password to log into to watch all On-Demand training videos.

What is your refund policy?

A full refund is provided within the first 14 days of joining the program and will be provided by contacting

Anissa talking

about Anissa

Founder of the Business Quick Start and Delivering WOW Platinum Elite Coaching program, Dr. Anissa Holmes helps practices grow by focusing on leadership, effective case presentation, systems optimization, and implementing high return marketing. Dr. Holmes is also dentistry's leading digital marketing expert, having trained over 5000 practices to leverage social media to effectively grow their practices.

Dr. Holmes has been named one of Ultradent's Female Icons of Dentistry, Dental Product Report's TOP 25 Women in Dentistry, and has been featured in top publications such as Dental Economics, Dentistry IQ, Dental Products Report, and Entrepreneur Magazine. Dr. Holmes is also the author of the bestselling book, Delivering WOW: How Dentists Can Build a Fascinating Brand and Achieve More While Working Less.

In addition to coaching and being an International Dental Speaker,  Dr. Holmes has been a featured speaker at Social Media Marketing World and Funnel Hacking Live and her Delivering WOW Dental Podcast has listeners in over 125  countries.

Current Practice Grosses Multiple 7 Figures with Multiple Associates (run by CEO/Manager that implements her vision)
Built 4 Scratch Startups to Multiple 7 Figures
Undergone Exclusive Training as a Professional EOS implementer®
Action Coach Global Finalist Female Entrepreneur of the Year
Developed the Brick and Mortar Click Funnels Marketing Framework
Extensive Training in Business Automation and Advanced Communication

"I 100% recommend Dental Boss to every dentist. It will help you have the practice of your dreams."

I joined the Dental Boss movement two years ago when COVID hit. At that critical time they helped us focus on what mattered. Had I not had the direction from Dental Boss I don’t know that we would have been able to come back the way that we did.

Dental Boss is a virtual learning experience, it is very comprehensive in how it approaches running a successful dental practice. The founder, Dr. Anissa Holmes, is actually a very successful practicing dentist. She has a unique perspective on how to grow a dental practice which she has learned over the last 20 years.

I refer this program to every dentist because it has a comprehensive approach to growing your practice. It is an investment in you, your team and your practice. It will allow you to have an impact on your community and an impact on your patients.

Dr. Luckett

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