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The Importance of Making Real Connections With Erin Doffoney RDH

The importance of making real connections

This week on the podcast, I interviewed Erin Doffoney – a rock star dental hygienist based out of Atlanta. We talked about how your dental team can make better connections with your patients and team members. Erin’s passion is to bring skill, comfort and care through dental hygiene. Her goal is to focus on patients…

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4 Steps to Controlling Dental Supply Costs

While building a dental practice that helps you achieve personal and financial independence, it’s critical that you focus on controlling your costs, and not only focus on marketing and increasing your revenue. Setting budgets and key cost metrics for expenses you incur on a regular basis helps protect your profits so you don’t end up…

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How To Open a Dental Office with Jayme Amos

In this episode, we discuss: When is the right time to do a startup, and are startups for everyone, the benefits of doing a startup practice versus a practice acquisition, If location really matters, and how to know where to start your practice, the top things that dentists need to consider before beginning this process, the top challenges dentists face that could cost them thousands in the future, where dentists can go to get a good office design, and what’s the best way to find a contractor to do the buildout and MORE!

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How to Start Building the Life You Dreamed of When You Entered Dental School

When we entered dental school, we dreamed of brightening smiles, serving our communities, supporting our families, and enjoying a flexible lifestyle. When we come out of dental school, however, most of us are hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, and if we build or buy a dental practice, we add hundreds of thousands of dollars more to our debt burden. 

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Three Things Every Dentist Needs from Others to Grow Their Practice

One of the first things you’ll learn after making the decision to grow your dental practice is you’ll never scale your practice if you try to do everything yourself. If you want to grow, you’ll need help. Internally, this means finding the right team to transform your practice, so you won’t have to do everything yourself. Internal team members can take tasks off your hands and help you document and implement systems to help your practice run without you.

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Are You Being Embezzled with David Harris

David Harris is a Private investigator, CPA and Certified Fraud Examiner David Harris is the world’s leading authority on embezzlement in dental offices. In today’s episode, David shares the warning signs that dentists can look out for that might indicate that they have a problem. We also discussed what should dentists do once they feel that they are being embezzled as well as recommendations that dentists can take once the embezzlement is confirmed.

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