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3 Skills Every Dentist Needs To Build a Thriving Dental Practice

What would it feel like to build a thriving dental practice that runs so smoothly you can make more money than you ever have while working less than you ever have? What would it mean to you and your family to know your income is predictable and controllable, in good markets and bad? All of that’s possible, but before you can build a practice like that, you’ll need to develop three essential skills.

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How to Accomplish BIG Goals in LESS time with Dr. Anissa Holmes

In this Episode, I discuss the mindset needed to get ready for BIG things to happen in your practice and your life. I discuss how I was able to build a mega-profitable dental practice that has raving fans, and at the same time have time to travel the world and spend time with my family. I spoke about designing my practice’s vision and reverse engineering how we would achieve the practice’s goals….


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Why You Need to Stop Running Facebook Ads

This Episode is a solo show all about Facebook, and what you need to have in place if you want to convert Facebook traffic into Raving Fans!

In this episode, I share the BIGGEST mistakes dentists make with Facebook and how to avoid them, 3 SUPER STRATEGIES  to start 10X-ing your new patient numbers with Facebook, and the exact strategies that I currently use to convert Facebook traffic to new patients, even if they don’t currently like my page!

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Host Beneficiaries: The Secret Weapon That I Used to Increase Revenue by 28% in One Month!

Many dentists think that you need to spend a lot on marketing. In fact, I hear so many dentists and entrepreneurs in general say that you have to spend money to make money. However, there are some times when that rule does not apply. And quite frankly, these are the rules that I want to play by. This one strategy that I will lay out for you has allowed me to build partnerships with top companies in my community, reach out to my ideal patients, and become 28% more profitable. This one marketing strategy that I discovered a while back that has helped me to boost my brand is the Host/Beneficiary arrangement.

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How to Achieve Your #1 Goal in 100 Days with John Lee Dumas

I’m going to kick off 2016 with a topic which can change not only your path of success, but also your life, I’m going to kick off the new year with some advice from John Lee Dumas.  After hosting over 1200 interviews on his award winning podcast EOFire with successful entrepreneurs, John is definitely an authority on what it takes to achieve business success.

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How To Get the Best ROI From Your TEAM

For many dentists, labor costs are one of the biggest expenses incurred. However, it’s interesting how many dentists don’t work to turn their employees into a profitable return on investment. If the dentist is not a strong leader, who is committed to building a great team and setting a clear path to achieving the vision of the practice, profits are escaping every day.  To turn your team into an investment, you’ve got to be a great leader who can build a team that is committed to helping the practice grow, knows what to do, and performs.

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