How to Get More Patient Referrals to Your Dental Practice

3 Ways to Make Your Marketing More Impactful for Your Dental Practice


As the world opens back up after the Covid-19 pandemic, the dental industry is entering unprecedented times. We’re planning a successful reopening for our dental practices. We’re crafting our marketing message to be more applicable to a post-coronavirus world. And we’re navigating new PPE requirements and putting other policies in place to protect our patients and team members.

All these additional requirements and sensitivities make it even more important to be efficient and effective with our marketing strategies. We need to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of all of our marketing efforts. Here are three ways to get better marketing results without having to spend more time and money on your marketing.


1. Involve your patients in your marketing.

Some of the best dental marketing campaigns are the ones that get your patients involved in spreading the word about your practice. At my practice, we like doing coloring contests, clothing drives, and thirty-day floss challenges with our patients.

Patient involved initiatives like these offer great ways to spread the word about your practice while building deeper relationships with current patients. 

To involve your patients in your marketing start by choosing a campaign that involves your patients. We’ll use a coloring contest as an example. You can give away free dental care or even gift cards to local shops for winners. Then, hang flyers around your practice so everyone who comes in can see what you are doing. Have your team members encourage patients to submit an entry to the coloring contest, too. In addition, send out emails to your patients about the contest to get patients who are not scheduled to come in involved.

As you get entries, share pictures of the entries on your Facebook page so all of your Facebook fans can see the camaraderie you have with your patients. And involve your team or Facebook fans in choosing a winner. You could even put all the entries on your Facebook page and hold a public contest where the pictures with the most likes and shares wins. That will make it so your patients share posts with their friends and family members and encourage them to interact with your Facebook content.

When we involve patients in our marketing, we create tremendous goodwill and excitement about our practice. People see our practices differently. And they spread the word to their family and friends.  And all that leads to spreading the word about your practice.


2. Get your community to market our practice for you.

It’s a lot easier than you think to get your community excited about what you’re doing in your practice. If you’re doing something like a Project Smile makeover competition or treating kids for free one Saturday, your community will likely be very excited to help you spread the word. And the fastest and easiest way to do that is to do a Facebook Live letting people know what you’re doing.

When done correctly, you can have thousands of people in your community seeing and sharing your message. Just start a Facebook live, introduce yourself, let people know what your practice is known for, and tell them what you’re up to. Then ask them to take part and spread the word. Your energy and authenticity will go a long way to ensuring they share your message with their friends and family 

After you record your Facebook Live, share the link with your patients by email and ask them to get involved, too. As they watch and share your content, your reach will continue to grow.


3. Think through what great experiences you’re providing for patients in your practice.

If you’re giving patients amazing experiences your marketing can get even easier. For example, in my practice, one of our primary goals is to ensure patients leave feeling pampered. When they arrive, we give them a tour of our practice. We show them our core values. We let them know what we’re known for. We show them new technology, safety measures, and more. We also give them warm peppermint-scented towels to wash their faces and give them gourmet coffees and teas. 

Of course, we also provide top-quality dental care on top of all the benefits and amenities After all that, our patients frequently tell us how much they look forward to coming to the dentist. Imagine that! 

At the end of each appointment, we ask patients, “How was your experience today?” When they let us know it was amazing, we ask, “Would you be willing to do a quick video to share that experience? There are so many people who are afraid of going to the dentist, it just might change someone’s life.”

You might be surprised by how many people say yes. When they record a video, we can then share it on social media and to our patients by email. 

By giving amazing experiences everyone wins. Our practice becomes more enjoyable for us and our patients. And we get patients regularly recording videos encouraging people to come to our practice. While us telling people why our practice is so special is helpful, patients telling them is even more helpful

Are you struggling to market your practice?

If you’re struggling to market your practice, patient participation, community involvement, and experience enhancement might be what you need to start marketing like a boss.

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Why You Need to Discover Your Story with Joshua Scott

Why You Need to Discover Your Story with Joshua Scott

What’s your story? Every dental practice has a story and sharing your story with patients can do remarkable things for the growth of your practice. But, how can you tell your story in the most authentic way possible?

Joshua Scott, the CEO of Studio 8E8, believes that creating authentic stories and bringing your story to life is key if you want to ‘captivate and connect’ with people. Studio 8E8 is dentistry’s story-driven marketing agency.

I’ve always believed that stories are the heart of a great dental practice, which is why I’m a huge fan of Studio 8E8 and how they can help dentists create incredible campaigns and strategies. I’m thrilled to have Joshua Scott join me on this episode of the Delivering WOW Podcast to learn more about his business and how they can help propel growth.

(On a side note, we recorded this episode just before the last Delivering WOW Summit in New Orleans. Joshua had some great insights, so I wanted to share this episode with you and who knows, maybe you’ll catch Josh at the next Delivering WOW Summit!)


Why You Need to Discover Your Story with Joshua Scott


In this episode, we discussed:

  • How Studio 8E8 helps dental practices tell their stories
  • Discovering your story and learning how to tell it the right way to the right people
  • The importance of using authentic story-driven marketing and how this type of marketing can help grow your practice
  • Using video to tell your story, gain credibility, and engage with patients
  • Why you need a stand-out website to catch patient’s attention


Why You Need to Discover Your Story with Joshua Scott


Want to learn more about Studio 8E8?

Head over to the Studio 8E8 website to find out how they can help you bring your story to life!

How Dental Videos Can Grow Your Practice with Channel D

How Dental Videos Can Grow Your Practice

Waiting rooms are far from being the most exciting places in the world. However, there is a way that you can make your practice’s waiting room entertaining, educational and even (dare we say it) fun for patients.

On this exciting episode of the Delivering WOW Podcast, I’m joined by Dr. Michael Sernik, the CEO of Channel D, a company that creates fun, engaging, and customizable videos to play in your dental office reception area. Their bite-sized videos are high-quality and designed to stimulate interest in the treatments your practice provides. You can even customize videos to incorporate things like your team’s photos, names, logo, and a call to action that drives engagement and practice growth.

Channel D is so creative and unique. By showing short, fun, and informative videos to patients as they wait in your reception area, you can keep them entertained while showcasing a consistent message that educates patients on your latest treatment options. This is an incredible service that I highly recommend, especially if you want to make sure your patients come back to your practice for their next dentist appointment.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Channel D was founded and what they are known for
  • How dental videos can create interest in your treatments
  • How to drive patients to accept treatment by focusing on the damaging result of the existing condition
  • The importance of using videos that contain emotional triggers and humanize the dentist
  • A brief overview of the process of working with Channel D
  • Tips to get patients to pay attention to your videos
  • How dental videos for your waiting room can help improve your team’s clinical knowledge

You can sign-up for a two-month FREE trial with Channel D by heading over to their website and subscribing (no upfront fees and no commitment – you can cancel your subscription at any time).

How to Craft Effective Marketing Content During the COVID-19 Pandemic

With the pandemic, there’s no denying times are different. We're all making big adjustments to be careful about Coronavirus—especially business professionals like dental practice owners. As we begin to reopen, we need to take control of our marketing efforts to make sure we get the right return on our investment over the long-term.

That means truly understanding our audience and then taking three simple steps to ensure your marketing fulfills your intended purpose. That's always the case. But it's even more important when marketing through turbulent times. Earlier, we talked about some of the mechanics of impactful marketing during a pandemic.

Today, we're going to talk about how to craft effective marketing content during the COVID-19 pandemic. As you'll see, it's as easy as three simple steps.

1. Take time to understand what your marketing campaign's ideal audience wants and needs.


How to Craft Effective Marketing Content During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Often, the dental services we promote vary. That means our audiences and messaging needs to vary as well. Now is no different. Take a moment to understand exactly who you want to reach with your marketing. Are you looking to reach emergency dental patients? Are you looking to reach current patients? Are you going to be talking to others in your community?

Once you know your audience, craft content that matches what they want to know. For the community, you might want to show your social responsibility as a dental practice and business. If you want to talk to current patients, you might want to craft content about safety and cleanliness. If you want to reach emergency patients, you might want to discuss virtual consultations, safety procedures, and readiness to serve.


2. Create content that directly addresses the ideal audience member's needs and desires.


How to Craft Effective Marketing Content During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Once you understand what your audience wants, create content that directly addresses it. For example, if you're creating an ad for emergency patients, you will get better results with a video describing safety measures than an image showing you wearing a mask. That's because the picture only implies you have safety measures in place. Your video will directly address all the safety measures you have in place.

This is another rule of thumb that matters regardless of the pandemic. When you’re creating any content for a marketing effort, make sure the content directly addresses what your audience wants and needs from a practice like yours.

3. Include a simple call to action.


How to Craft Effective Marketing Content During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Once you create the right content for the right people, add a simple call to action at the end to let your audience members know exactly what to do next. Is the next step to schedule a virtual consult? Tell them and include a link to schedule. Do you want them to call your office to make an appointment? Say so and include your phone number.

Make it as easy as possible for your audience members to take the ideal next step based on your marketing campaign and you will get much better results from your marketing.

Are you crafting impactful marketing content for your dental practice?

If you've struggled to achieve a high return on investment on your marketing, these three steps will help.

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3 Ways to Work on Your Business When Times Are Slow

When times are slow, understanding what to do to work on your business can be challenging. But when you find the right opportunities, you can create momentum to help you come back stronger than ever.

Three of the most important parts of our businesses we can strengthen during slow times are our practice vision, branding, and systems. Together, they define where we are going, the relationships we build to get us there, and the methods we will use to achieve our vision. Here’s how to improve each of those areas when times are tough.

1. Refine your vision.


3 Ways to Work on Your Business When Times Are Slow


If you don’t have a practice vision, it’s tough to make strategic decisions. That’s why it’s so important to have a practice vision. It guides you in making decisions that lead you closer to your vision. Slow times are prime opportunities to revisit and refine your vision.

Refining your vision can be as simple as asking yourself questions about where you want to go in your business or personal life. How many days do you want to work every week? What roles do you see as being most important in your practice? What do you want to be able to delegate to others? Would you rather focus on the business side of things and be a practice owner or would you like to have somebody else manage the business side of things so you can just do dentistry? What type of practice culture do you want? What do you want patients to feel when they walk in the door?

Write down your answers to these questions and start thinking about any changes you need to make to build a practice consistent with your vision.

2. Work on your branding.


3 Ways to Work on Your Business When Times Are Slow


What do you want patients and people in your community to say about your practice when you are not around? It doesn’t matter how nice your website is or how pretty your logo is, your brand is determined by your reputation among your patients and the community. If they think your practice is high quality and spa-like, that’s the brand you have. If they think your practice is behind the times, that’s the brand you have.

Take a look at how your practice is presenting itself to your patients and the community. What do you think those messages are causing people to say about your practice? Does it match what you want them to be saying? If so, great! Lean into that and think of ways to do even more when things pick up. If not, what do you need to change?

3. Improve your systems.


3 Ways to Work on Your Business When Times Are Slow


Your operations are a sum of the systems you have in place. Do your systems make your business run like a high-quality engine? Do your patients get a consistently WOW experience at your practice? Are your team members consistently performing? If consistency is a problem in your practice, better systems are your solutions.

For example, you can use this time to train your front desk team members to answer the phone masterfully. Make sure your team is on the same page so things stay organized even when things get crazy by having morning huddles every day. Systems can improve every area of our practices.

What are you doing to work on your business right now?

While the pandemic might make things feel hectic right now, this slow time offers a great opportunity to work on our businesses even if we can’t work in them in the moment. Eventually, this time will pass and we’ll all be back in the swing of things. Taking time to work behind the scenes will make our practices stronger than ever once everything turns around.

If you want more help improving your business, joining me and thousands of other practice leaders in my free Delivering WOW Facebook community!


How the Medical Billing Landscape is Evolving with DeVon Banks

How the Medical Billing Landscape is Evolving with DeVon Banks

Dental billing and insurance can be tricky to navigate. There are a lot of components to it from medical cross coding to claim submissions, patient billing, and so on. However, it doesn’t have to be so complicated, especially if you’re working with a company that caters to your individual needs such as D-TECH Billing and Claims.

DeVon Banks is CEO of the company and joins me on this episode of the podcast to talk about what she’s going to be teaching you at the Delivering WOW Live Summit 2020! DeVon is one of our highly-anticipated speakers at this year’s event and we are so excited to have her and her team join us at the event in New Orleans, March 13-14th 2020.

DeVon is an industry expert in insurance, revenue cycle management, and Dentrix. Her and her team at D-TECH Billing and Claims work tirelessly to help hundreds of dental offices across the country through practice management software training, dental billing, medical cross coding, and more. They take the headache out of technology management, so you can focus on what you do best – caring for your patients!


How the Medical Billing Landscape is Evolving with DeVon Banks


In this episode, we discuss:

  • How DeVon and her company helps dental practices grow through medical billing
  • How medical billing is evolving in the dental industry
  • Why a lot of dentists struggle with insurance and medical billing
  • What type of things you can bill for that you might not be aware of
  • What DeVon will teach at the Delivering WOW Live Summit 2020


How the Medical Billing Landscape is Evolving with DeVon Banks


If you want to find out more about DeVon and D-TECH Billing and Claims, you can visit the website here:

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Check out this short video trailer of the episode where DeVon Banks gives you some top practice management tips when it comes to medical billing:

Why Every Practice Should Consider Starting a Membership Program to Unlock Massive Growth

At Delivering WOW, we believe the benefits of starting a membership program in your practice make it a no-brainer. 

To help you evaluate whether one is right for you, we recently sat down with Jordan Comstock to discuss how. Jordan took the time to explain how membership programs work and how his company, BoomCloud, helps dentists utilize membership programs to get their practice to reach peak profitability.

Here are three of our favorite reasons why every practice should consider starting a membership program.

Help more people get dental care.


Why Every Practice Should Consider Starting a Membership Program to Unlock Massive Growth


At PPO practices, frustration about insurance is common. For many patients, the complications that come with dental insurance make it just as infuriating to them, too. As a result, patients frequently resort to paying more out-of-pocket than they need to. Those out-of-pocket expenses can really add up to the point that they don’t come in for preventative dental care as much as they should. They only come in for emergency care or when they can’t kick the can down the road any longer on their oral health issues.

Moreover, while health insurance is a common employee benefit, dental insurance isn’t. This leaves a big gap in the market for people who would want dental care but need an affordable and predictable option. 

Finally, many retired patients lose their dental benefits and let their oral health decline. When patients retire, dental insurance can become prohibitively expensive. So, they let their oral health deteriorate. That’s a huge problem. 

Offering a membership program can be the solution for many people and position you as a dental provider of choice.

Create predictable recurring revenue for your practice.


Why Every Practice Should Consider Starting a Membership Program to Unlock Massive Growth


Oftentimes in dentistry, one month will be super busy and another month will be super slow. There’s a lot of fluctuation throughout the years—kids go back to school, holidays mean people have less money to spend, and more. Jordan refers to this volatility as “feast and famine” months. 

Running a business in which you have to depend on feast and famine months can be very stressful. A lot of factors can make the difference between practice growth and a struggle to make a profit. Membership plans can make revenue more predictable and reliable. 

Jordan works with practices that generate $30,000 to $40,000 a month from just automatic membership plan fees, and that doesn’t include dentistry from non-members. Why start at zero every month when you can start at $30,000 to $40,000? If you’re starting your month at $30,000 to $40,000 as your baseline, you can shoot for higher growth. How nice would it be to aim to start each month with $100,000 in membership plan fee revenue?

Keep your patients loyal.


Why Every Practice Should Consider Starting a Membership Program to Unlock Massive Growth


When patients have insurance plans, they might only be loyal to you until they need to change plans. If they change jobs, you might lose a patient. If their plan gets expensive and they need a new one you might lose a patient. But if they are on your membership plan, a job change won’t impact their dental coverage.

That’s why patients who sign up for your membership plan will likely become very loyal to you. They’ve paid for a membership and they’re not going to forgo the benefits that come with it. Jordan has found that, when a patient becomes a member, they end up spending two to three and a half times more with that practice than a non-member would.

Does your practice have a membership program?

Whether you have a membership program already in place or decide to start one, make sure you educate your patients about your plan. Tell them how it works and all the benefits to them. Be sure to explain exactly how it works so they know what they’re buying into and how to maximize their benefits. If you do, you can create mutually beneficial relationships with patients that can last years and years! 

For more strategies on making sure your practice grows to its full potential, join the Delivering WOW Platinum Coaching Program, where you and your team can access the best trainings and coaching from leading experts on all aspects of growing a WOW dental practice.

4 Words to Avoid When Presenting Treatment Plans

Accepting treatment is a big decision for any patient, especially when high-value procedures are involved. It can cost a lot, and it can be scary for some patients when you tell them the best plan of action is to do something uncomfortable like get a tooth extracted.

No matter how scary the procedure is to patients, there’s a lot you can do to get patients to accept your treatment plan. For example, acting personable and caring and having the right systems in place can help. But one thing a lot of dentists overlook is word choice. In fact, you can immediately improve case acceptance by avoiding these four simple words.



4 Words to Avoid When Presenting Treatment Plans


If something is “a maybe,” it’ll likely be a “no.” Maybe conveys a lack of confidence. It conveys a lack of urgency. So, if a patient asks whether they need to address an issue, answer confidently. And when you suggest something to a patient, be clear. Never say, “Maybe we should fix this issue.” Instead, say “We should fix this issue” or “Yes, fixing this issue will improve your health.”

Put yourself in their shoes. Imagine you’re at a dermatologist, and after examining your skin they tell you they’re worried about a mole and want to remove it. Most people would be less likely to pay for them to cut it off if they said, “Maybe we should remove this mole.” They’d be more likely to ask about alternative treatments or whether the mole can be tested before spending the money on removing a mole that turns out to be not problematic.

Most people would be more willing to accept treatment if the dermatologist says, “We need to remove this mole. It poses a threat to your health.” That decisiveness makes removing the mole an urgent matter that is putting the patient’s well-being in jeopardy.


When you tell people something is cheap, there are usually two thoughts that will go through their head. The first is that if it’s cheap, then it’s low-cost. The second is that if it’s cheap, then it’s low-quality.

“Cheap” is a harsh word. Always be replaced with “affordable” or in terms of “value.” When someone tells you something is affordable or a good value, it comes across as being low-cost but without the negative connotation of it being low-quality. Thus, when talking with patients, talk about procedures being affordable or a good value instead of cheap.



4 Words to Avoid When Presenting Treatment Plans


Speaking of low-cost, avoid saying the word “cost” to a patient when discussing treatment. For example, if you tell a patient that getting an implant is going to cost them $5,000, they will immediately think of how much money they have in the bank. If they don’t have $5,000 in the bank (or a credit card with a high available credit that they’re willing to tap into), they are less likely to move forward. When discussing financial terms, focus on monthly payment plans instead of the total price and let them know you have several ways to help them fit their treatment needs into their budgets. Most patients think in those terms.

Instead of discussing “costs,” focus most of your discussions on the “value” of the procedure. That makes patients think about your treatment plan as an investment in achieving an outcome they desire. For example, you might say “The real value is having a fully-functioning smile again. You’ll be able to eat what you want. You won’t have to remove your dentures anymore. And you’ll be able to avoid large expenses that come from your teeth shifting or bone loss.”

Reminding patients of the value of your treatment plan and the outcomes they will receive, helps them better appreciate the benefits of moving forward with your plan.


While it might seem logical for people to try to “solve” problems, the reality is most people try to avoid them. Thus, when you describe something as a “problem” to a patient, many patients will instinctively push back or procrastinate. “Problems” feel big to patients. And big feels expensive to patients. Thus, of the patients who are of the mindset to find a solution—rather than to procrastinate—many will seek second opinions, giving another practice an opportunity to woo your patients.

Instead of the word “problem,” reframe your presentation using the word “issue.” It’s a gentler way of saying there’s a situation with their teeth that can be resolved through the treatment plan you’re presenting to them. Thus, instead of “the problem with your tooth is,” you might say, “there’s an issue with a tooth in the bottom right of your mouth that requires” and then present your treatment plan to the patient. Your patient is much less likely to push back when you present the issue rather than a problem.

Have you been using these four words when presenting your treatment plans to patients?


4 Words to Avoid When Presenting Treatment Plans


Consistent case acceptance can make or break your practice. Word choice might seem like a nuance that doesn’t amount to much but patients are much more likely to move forward with treatment plans when you avoid these four words.

If you want more strategies to help you increase case acceptance, plus coaching for you and your team, and more, join our Delivering WOW Platinum Coaching Program today.


How to Always Get the Best Work From Your Team


You can deliver the best dental care in the world, have the latest technology, and serve the most gourmet coffee to your patients, but you can’t run a WOW practice without an amazing team.

One of the best ways to make your team do great work is to make them feel a part of the process. When they feel like they’re a part of a practice family and are contributing to achieving your practice story, they’ll be more motivated and happier to wake up in the morning and come to work. They’ll feel their role is meaningful.

So how do you achieve that? One of the best ways to do that is to create a culture in which both you and your team are open to receiving feedback from one another. This creates a safe environment for growth and support and ensures you and your team are constantly improving. With many leaders, this can be a struggle because many of us feel like we need to have all the answers. But when we hire the best team members, their talents and experiences will complement ours and make their feedback extremely valuable to elevating our practices to a whole different level.

Here are three keys to creating a culture in which giving and receiving feedback leads to consistent growth and high performance.

Always ask for feedback.


How to Always Get the Best Work From Your Team


Many times, team members are uncomfortable giving feedback to the doctors. It’s a natural concern for people to be concerned giving feedback to their leaders—especially when it’s constructive criticism.

To make your team members more comfortable with giving you feedback, ask for it. Also, ask for it in a very specific area, and request suggestions for improvement. The more focused and specific you are, the easier it will be for someone to respond. For example, you could ask, “Do you have any suggestions for how we can adjust how we schedule to improve production?”

Also, try to get a more rounded perspective when asking for feedback. Ask a number of team members for input when it makes sense to do so. Get everyone involved.

Be grateful for feedback even if you don’t like it.


How to Always Get the Best Work From Your Team


Receiving feedback helps build vulnerability-based trust and a safe environment where people help each other improve. You don’t have to agree or disagree with what they have to say. Just thank them for having the confidence to try to help you improve. By encouraging it, you also won’t seem hypocritical when you give someone feedback.

For example, it’s hard to not get upset when someone says you were tone-deaf with a patient. But if you want to get the best work from yourself, you have to take a step back and be objective about their feedback.

Everyone has room for improvement. If everyone is able to look at constructive criticism pragmatically, you can start to create a culture of consistent improvement.

Encourage everyone to seek feedback from patients.


How to Always Get the Best Work From Your Team


Make sure everyone on your team looks for feedback from patients. In your office or online, what do they say? What can you read into how they act when they are in your chair? And what is their body language like when they are in your chair?

Team members aren’t the only ones who can give you feedback, but they can be a very helpful resource for gathering patient feedback. Make sure they pay attention to all forms of feedback from them, and not just from the online reviews.

When you receive feedback from patients, react the same way you would with a team member delivering feedback. Be grateful for it, and look for the practical takeaways you and your team can use to improve.

Are you getting amazing work from your team consistently?

Nobody is perfect, and nobody is going to do everything right all the time. We all have development areas. The best way to improve everyone's performance is to ask for feedback, be grateful when we receive it, and encourage everyone to seek feedback from patients. Then, you will create a culture of constant growth and improvement with a free flow of feedback in all directions. It will set the standard that all team members are expected to do their best work and constantly improve—leaders included.

If you want to learn more about building a practice culture in which everyone thrives, join our Delivering WOW Platinum Coaching program, and start learning from the best experts in the dental industry today!

How to Attract and Retain Patients in a Competitive Market


It used to be that you could hang a sign up in front of your dental practice with the word “Dentist” on it and you’d be one of the only dentists in town. Locals would stroll through your doors when they needed to get treatment because you were the closest and most convenient clinician around. 

Unfortunately, it’s not so simple to get patients to come to your practice anymore. Competition is bigger than ever, and patients have access to more information than before. That means we have to adopt a different mindset when attracting new patients as well as to retain existing patients. When we do, we can attract the patients we want to grow our practice and then retain those patients for the long term. Even better, we can get those patients to sing our praises online and tell their family and friends about us, making our marketing efforts even easier.

Here are two ways to attract and retain patients no matter how competitive a market you practice in.

Make all patients feel like VIPs.


How to Attract and Retain Patients in a Competitive Market

When a patient comes in for treatment, they aren’t too concerned about your clinical skills. They have already concluded that you know how to treat them. In fact, most assume you do because of your training. Thus, while it’s obviously important that you do an amazing job, quality clinical care isn’t a selling point. Making all patients feel like VIPs
is a selling point. Treating all patients like VIPs creates loyalty with current and new patients and gives you great content to use in your marketing campaigns. 

Does your team make patients feel like VIPs when they come in? How were they greeted by the front desk? How were they treated by the dental assistant when they were handed off? And how did the dentist present a treatment plan to them? 

What’s your office environment like? Patients care a lot about how the environment made them feel. A comfortable waiting room with access to magazines that interest them and coffee they like turns what most people expect to be a boring experience into a relaxing one. Having iPads with music people can enjoy in the OP as they receive their treatment can make a stressful experience more pleasant. The list goes on. 

Too many practices overlook the experiences they provide to patients but just a few small tweaks can often help attract and retain more patients, especially in a competitive environment. 

Create a WOW online presence and get patients to share their experiences online.


How to Attract and Retain Patients in a Competitive Market

In this day and age, everything is on the internet, and
online reviews are becoming more and more important. There are sites like Yelp and Google where you’ll be graded on a scale of 1-5 stars and people will talk about their good, bad, or ugly experience at your practice.

If you don’t match your online presence to the in-office experience you provide, you could lose a lot of potential patients. When patients see your marketing, they will often visit your website. Does it demonstrate the look and feel you want to convey in the market? Make sure your online presence matches your dental brand. If you need help, here are seven ways to supercharge your practice website.

Also, you can be sure that many new patients have analyzed your online reviews before they came into your practice for treatment. If another practice has a 5-star rating with great online reviews and you have a 3-star rating with only a few mediocre online reviews, who do you think they’ll go to for their treatment?

It can be a struggle to get patients to leave online reviews sometimes. But if you work hard to deliver an experience that WOWs them, make sure you encourage them to share their experience online. Here’s a simple two-step process to get patients to leave positive online reviews for your practice.

Are you attracting a regular stream of loyal patients?


How to Attract and Retain Patients in a Competitive Market

Do you consistently have trouble getting patients to come in and then stay loyal customers? Getting in your patients’ mindset to make them feel like VIPs and get patients talking about their positive experience with you can help you attract and retain patients in even the most competitive markets.

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A Simple Two-Step Process for Getting Online Reviews for Your Practice

When you first get started with the marketing strategies I teach, you might be surprised by how simple they are at their core. Whether it’s Facebook marketing for dental practices, dental marketing funnels, or any other strategy I teach, all of them boil down to applying what has worked for decades to the modern world. By doing so, we are able to get better, faster, and more affordable results.

For example, dental marketing funnels involve taking the conversations we used to have with patients in person on webpages and email. Boosting Facebook Live videos to thousands of people moves the videos we used to display on television to social media. And Facebook advertising helps us send targeted ads to people we used to only target through postcards. With all of the things we teach, all we are doing is using modern tools to get better results from the things that have worked for decades.

The same is true for collecting online reviews. Whether it’s a restaurant or a dentist, prospects often search Google before going to a business. So, whether someone gets referred to our practice or finds us because of a Facebook Ad, chances are they will search for reviews before making an appointment. Here’s the simple two-step process we use to get online reviews from our practice.

Step 1: Provide an experience people can’t stop talking about.


A Simple Two-Step Process for Getting Online Reviews for Your Practice


It is pretty easy to get reviews if you don’t skip this critical first step. When patients have WOW experiences at your practice they won’t be able to help but talk about your practice. They’ll tell you and your team how amazing their experience is. They’ll talk with friends, family, and coworkers, too.

Are you providing experiences your patients will talk about? It doesn’t have to be complicated to do so. For example, patients love when we provide warm peppermint-scented towels after treatment, give office tours, and kids go to the toy box first. It’s so much different than most other dental practices.

In addition to providing experiences unlike other practices, giving patients WOW experiences builds deeper relationships than they get anywhere else. That makes them more likely to want to reciprocate all the goodwill you build up with them. And two of the most common ways patients reciprocate are leaving online reviews and telling their friends, family, and coworkers about you.

Step 2: Ask patients about their experience after every appointment.


A Simple Two-Step Process for Getting Online Reviews for Your Practice


At the end of each visit, ask your patients, “How was your experience, today?” If you’ve treated them to a WOW experience, the answer will inevitably be something along the lines of “Amazing!”

Once they answer, thank them for the feedback. Then let them know you are trying to help patients who are afraid to go to the dentist because of past experiences and that you will be sending them an online review link and it would mean the world to you if they would share their experience with others. Let them know that patients often say that online reviews gave them the courage to go to the dentist for the first time in a long time. Also let them know that sharing their experience could be the push someone needs to get the care they need to change their life.

Asking about their experience and connecting it to helping others helps transform your request from asking for help to something with a deeper meaning. We can’t just expect people to enter a review when they get an automated text or email. You have to make a connection with them so they want to help you and others.

Are you struggling to collect online reviews?


A Simple Two-Step Process for Your Practice


Everything I teach is old-school word-of-mouth marketing with a modern twist, utilizing social media and other technological advances to help us get better results in less time and on smaller budgets. Many times—like this—old-fashioned patient care combined with modern technology is the best mix for success. Build deep relationships with your patients and use technology to make the process simple and easy.

If you want even more help growing and marketing your practice, sign up for the Delivering WOW Platinum Coaching Program where you can find more training and coaching on all aspects of running and growing a high-profit dental practice.

Driven Dental Implant Marketing with Charles Biami

Driven Dental Implant Marketing with Charles Biami

Do you want to start attracting more high-value dental patients to your practice each month?  If so, you don’t want to miss this episode of the podcast. I’m joined by Charles Biami, the Founder and Chief Marketing Manager of Driven Dental Implant Marketing.

Charles helps dentists just like you attract and convert high value dental implant cases and he does it in a way that provides a consistent flow of new monthly patients. With Driven Dental’s deep understanding of patient needs and the dental industry, they have the experience, insights and know-how to help you drive 20+ qualified opportunities to your front desk each month.

Together, we discuss exactly how Driven Dental Implant Marketing can help drive more high-value patients to your practice. And, we give you some practical strategies to help you convert more patients over the phone.


Driven Dental Implant Marketing with Charles Biami


On the podcast we discussed:

  • What Driven Dental Marketing can do for your practice
  • How to target patients searching for dental implants online
  • How Driven Dental Marketing can help you convert more leads into patients
  • Why every dental practice should have an online chat service
  • Strategies to help your front desk team get more conversions over the phone
  • Why more dentists need to understand that marketing brings prospects, but it’s up to your team to convert those prospects into patients


Driven Dental Implant Marketing with Charles Biami


Want to learn more about how Driven Dental Implant Marketing can help you drive more high-value patients to your practice?

Head over to their website to learn more and if you’re ready to take it a step further, you can book a FREE strategy call with Charles about your practice, your marketplace and the steps you need to take to grow your implant practice.


Watch a short video trailer for this episode below:




How to Grow your Practice with Google Traffic with Brett Allen

How To Grow Your Practice With Google Traffic with Brett Allen

Would you like to learn how you can get more traffic from Google and grow your practice? If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, join me on this episode of the podcast for an insightful discussion with Brett Allen, the CEO and Co-Founder of Marketing 32.

Marketing 32 is a Google Marketing Agency for Dentists and Dental Specialists. The team at Marketing 32 are also the creators of “Google Made Easy for Dentists” which is a step-by-step program that is transforming the industry by helping dentist do their own SEO and Google Ads.

Brett and I have a very interesting talk about how dentists can leverage digital marketing to attract more patients and explode the growth of their practices. So, if you're struggling to fill up your appointment schedule or you just want to expand your practice and accelerate its growth, this is the episode you’ve been waiting for!


How To Grow Your Practice With Google Traffic with Brett Allen


On the podcast we discussed…

  • Why you should use multiple traffic sources to help grow your practice
  • How to leverage relationships and get people in your community to talk about you
  • Strategies for using Google Marketing to reach new potential patients
  • The difference between search-based marketing and display & retargeting marketing
  • How you can use funnels to educate and convert patients
  • Tips for choosing the best keywords for your ads


How To Grow Your Practice With Google Traffic with Brett Allen


If you want to learn more about Brett and Marketing 32, you can visit their website.

Brett and his team have also created a Google Ad training course for dentists, where you can learn how to leverage the power of Google Ads to help grow your practice. To find out more about this amazing course, go to

Here is a short video trailer of the podcast episode where Brett explains how to use Google Marketing to grow your practice.

Dental Marketing Funnels: Three Common Misconceptions

Dental Marketing Funnel - Delivering Wow

Have you implemented a dental-marketing funnel into your practice? If not, you’re missing out on an automated way to attract new patients to your practice, introduce new services to current patients, or open a new practice with dozens of patients already scheduled for services, and more!

But many dentists avoid or delay using dental-marketing funnels, sticking to old, expensive, inefficient dental-marketing tactics because those are familiar to them or because they think dental-marketing funnels aren’t a good fit for them or their practice. I’ve heard every objection imaginable, but after helping thousands of dentists grow their practices, I’m more convinced than ever that every dentist can implement a dental-marketing funnel into their practice to make their marketing easier (see how here).

For those who are on the fence, here are three common misconceptions about dental-marketing funnels.

1. They’re only for existing practices

Dental Marketing Funnel - Delivering Wow

Although dental-marketing funnels are cheaper, automated, and more effective, there’s not much of a difference between them and traditional marketing methods with respect to what type of practice can benefit from a funnel.

In fact, Dr. Ashley Joves didn’t even have a practice when she got started, and by the time she opened the doors, she had over 1,000 Facebook fans, almost 300 people on her Very Important Patient email list, and over 50 appointments booked.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in business 40 years or 40 seconds, or if you’re still 40 days away from opening your doors, dental-marketing funnels can help you grow.

2. They’re complicated

Dental Marketing Funnel - Delivering Wow

Mistakenly assuming dental-marketing funnels are complicated is a common error. The truth is funnels can be complicated, but they don’t need to be. They can be a multi-step, sophisticated series of emails that adapt to what each subscriber does based on internal email links that act as triggers for different email sequences. All of that’s possible.

But they don’t have to be complicated. In fact, the technology Dr. Joves used to get almost 300 people on her VIP wait list and have over 50 people schedule appointments before she even opened the doors involved two simple steps: (1) setting up a squeeze page in ClickFunnels for people to enter their name and email address, and (2) an automated email delivering a coupon to them. Everything else was done on Facebook and by sending emails to her growing list.

3. They’re hard to set up

Dental Marketing Funnel - Delivering Wow

If you have any experience managing patient contact information for emails or direct mail, you or your team can set up a funnel. Software like ClickFunnels makes it super easy, with a visual workflow approach and drag-and-drop technology to set up your pages. ClickFunnels makes setting up your funnel simple.

To get the most out of your funnel, I recommend either working with experienced funnel experts to help you design the best funnel for your goals or working from a marketing-funnel template that’s known to have worked for others. My team and I have helped a number of dentists implement funnels in their practice and love celebrating with each of them as their practice starts to grow.

Why haven’t you started using dental-marketing funnels?

If you haven’t used funnels to grow your business, let me know in the comments what’s kept you from implementing dental-marketing funnels in your practice.

Is it because your practice is new or not even open yet? Don’t worry. You can build warm leads and raving fans before you even open the doors!

Is it because funnels sound complicated? Start with a simple one like a squeeze page to deliver an offer to prospective patients. Or you can work from a template like one of the funnel templates we provide to Delivering WOW Platinum Mastermind members.

Are you intimidated by technology? Don’t worry! ClickFunnels makes it easy. You can learn step-by-step instructions, or you can outsource it to our experienced team. I’d be happy to talk with you about how my team can work with you.


Dentists pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month for advertising services that don’t have even close to the results you can get with simple dental-marketing funnels. Don’t let these or other misconceptions keep you from building the dental practice of your dreams! Dental marketing funnels work when you have people to send through those funnels. And guess where those people come from? Successful marketing campaigns

In our upcoming Marketing & Practice Growth Challenge, every office learns the simple, step by step process to launch their first or next successful marketing campaign where you can grow your visibility in your community AND get new patients through your doors, and they also implement the campaign during the challenge! This is your best next step if you are thinking about getting leads and setting up your dental marketing funnel! Want to be one of the practices in our next challenge? Save your spot here and see what other practices have said — plus get 20% off when you use the code CHALLENGE at checkout!

How to Lower Your Costs and Get Even More People Into Your Dental Marketing Funnel

Dental Marketing Funnel

One of the best parts of leading dentists around the world in the Delivering WOW Platinum Mastermind program, my Inner Circle, and the free Dental Marketing and Profits Facebook community is celebrating with my students, clients, and community members as they get better results for their practice in less time and for less money.

One surefire way to get better results in less time and for less money is through implementing and optimizing dental marketing funnels.

Even if you’ve developed a high-performing, leak-free funnel, you can still improve your results and lower your costs by optimizing the way you attract people into your funnel.

Send People to Your Dental Marketing Funnels


The best way we’ve found to do that is through targeted Facebook ads that send people into your funnel by delivering a highly relevant guide or promotion to people to encourage them to give you their contact information.

The most basic form of Facebook ad that gets people into your funnel is a simple post presenting your guide or offer. Although the technique is predictably effective, results can vary from time to time, even if you use exactly the same text, image, and audience—for two reasons.

First, people are often unpredictable. What works in one demographic might not work in another. Also, people tend to act in groups, so if one ad gets many likes, shares, or comments, others will join in. Second, Facebook’s algorithm is set to build momentum in similar ways in order to ensure their members are shown the most relevant ads. Thus, Facebook will give more exposure to ads that get more engagement, and Facebook will do that at lower costs.

The most effective Facebook ads take advantage of both human behavior and Facebook algorithm tendencies in order to reduce costs and increase results.

Get More People Into Your Dental Marketing Funnels (While Lowering Your Costs)

Because it’s impossible to predict which posts will get the most engagement and better results, the best way to get more people into your funnel at a lower cost is to test multiple versions of the same ad, making only minimal changes to each version in order to find the best ad for your goal.

In marketing terms, this is called split testing, or A/B testing. With traditional marketing, split testing is expensive and difficult to do because you need to either print multiple versions of the same physical mailer or place multiple ads in different newspapers, television programs, and more. It’s also difficult to get reliable statistics quickly or to run ads without spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

With Facebook marketing and dental marketing funnels, split testing is super simple and can be done with a few clicks. Even better, you can get reliable data in a matter of a few days for just a few dollars.

For these reasons, the most successful marketers split test every Facebook ad they post.

Here’s how to split test your Facebook ads to get more people into your funnel for a lower cost.

Set Up Your Split Test

The good news is everyone who sets up a Facebook ad to send people to a funnel is already doing the first step of a split test. That first step is to set up a Facebook ad. We recommend setting a budget of between $3 and $10 for the ad. That’s plenty of money to get reliable data.

Once you have your Facebook ad set up, you need to duplicate the ad. You can choose as many copies of the original as you would like and keep your budget for each ad the same as the original. Usually, we advise people to choose one, two, or three copies; so they have two, three, or four versions of the same ad running. Some people choose to have eight versions of the same ad running.

Once you’ve duplicated the ad, edit each of the ads to change one element. The most frequently tested elements include the headline, copy, images, audience, or the offer itself. For example, you might send two ads to the same audience, with one offering a free guide and the other offering a deal, to see which converts better. You can also test two, three, or even four different images with the same audience and ad copy to see which one resonates better. You can even test two different audiences with the same elements. We recommend keeping it simple when you’re starting out or outsourcing your Facebook ads to an experienced ads manager, as we do with our clients, to help you.

Evaluate Your Split Test

After a few days, you check the performance, go back into Facebook Ads Manager or Power Editor and check how each ad is performing. You may find that all ads are working well, producing similar, great results. In that case, you might choose not to change anything. You may also find that one or two versions are performing at significantly higher costs or attracting significantly fewer leads. In that case, with one click, simply shut off the ones that aren’t doing well, and let the ones that are performing best keep going. It’s that easy!

Start Testing!

Split testing your Facebook ads can push even your best-performing funnels to new levels. Imagine setting up a split test and discovering your original ad performed at double or triple the cost of your other versions and attracted fewer people. Had you not split tested, you’d be stuck with those results.

With split testing, you can click one button after spending less than $10 on a $3/day budget and let the other versions continue to perform at levels your original ad couldn’t touch.

If you’re running Facebook ads to your funnel, I challenge you to conduct a split test this week!

If you want more help, check out the team of expert coaches, training, and resources we offer in our signature Delivering WOW Platinum Mastermind Program.

You can also join thousands of other dentists helping each other in my Free Dental Marketing and Profits Facebook Group!

How to Spot and Plug any Leaks in Your Dental Marketing Funnel

How to Spot and Plug any Leaks in Your Dental Marketing Funnel

In recent weeks, I’ve been talking a lot about dental marketing funnels, because they're my favorite way to skyrocket the profits of your dental practice.

If you're new to funnels, I believe every dental office needs a funnel as part of their dental marketing plan. It sounds complicated, I know, but they don't have to be. Funnels are really just an online or automated way to lead a prospect or patient through an onboarding or sales process that you normally would do in person or on the phone. If the normal sales process is simple, your dental marketing funnel can be simple, like this Invisalign sales funnel.

Even better, a well-designed funnel can even prequalify people so you and they can know they're a candidate for what you're looking to promote through your funnel, so neither you nor your prospect waste time or money on something that won't be a fit for either of you.

Like any onboarding or sales process, the more qualified leads you get into and through your funnel, the better your results will be!

But what if you did everything right, set up your funnel, and the leads aren't coming? Your marketing funnel might have a leak! Don't worry, it happens all the time. The more funnels you build, the better they will work. And the longer each funnel is in place, the more you'll learn about it and how you can improve it.

Here are three ways to spot and plug leaks in your funnel.

Unqualified people are making it into your funnel

How to Spot and Plug any Leaks in Your Dental Marketing Funnel

A good marketing funnel is designed with a goal in mind. Your goal might be to acquire a new patient, offer a new service to existing patients, or to promote an existing procedure. Whatever it is, your funnel needs to attract people who are a good match for the goal and offer a piece of targeted, high-value opt-in content to get their attention and get them to opt in to your funnel sequence.

If you notice a number of unqualified people making it into your funnel, it's likely because either your opt-in content isn't targeted enough, or your efforts to attract people into your funnel (like Facebook ads) aren't targeted enough.

For example, if you're looking to attract people into an automated Invisalign marketing funnel, opt-in content about teeth whitening would likely attract a number of people who would not be interested in Invisalign. On the other hand, content that answers frequently asked questions about Invisalign or shares how to know if you qualify for Invisalign would only attract people who are interested in Invisalign.

If your opt-in content is targeted and high-value content and you're still seeing unqualified people getting into your funnel, like people from outside of your service area, it's possible your outreach isn't targeted enough. For example, your Facebook ads audience might need to be adjusted by location to your area to make sure you're only paying for clicks from people who are interested in your service and likely to come to you if they decide it's for them.

People getting stuck in your funnel

How to Spot and Plug any Leaks in Your Dental Marketing Funnel

If you're getting mostly qualified leads into your funnel, but people aren't making it through, take a close look at that part of your funnel. Does it deliver on the promise from the previous step? Is it off topic? Does it skip too far? Does it encourage people to move to the next step?

Adjust that step to make sure it delivers a promise from the previous step, is a logical next step in the onboarding or sales process, and delivers a promise or some other reason for your ideal prospects to want to move to the next step.

People who aren’t ready to take the next step at the end of your funnel

How to Spot and Plug any Leaks in Your Dental Marketing Funnel

If your funnel is attracting qualified people and leading them through the end, but they’re still not taking action, it's possible you have an incomplete funnel. In this case, it's likely that you've presented your funnel well to attract qualified leads and offered valuable content to them each next step along the way. The issue is likely that

  • your call to action is too big a step from where your funnel ends,
  • your funnel doesn't address at least one question prospects typically have, or
  • you haven't built trust and rapport into your funnel.

Take a look at your funnel process with your ideal prospect in mind. Is your call to action too big a step from the end of your funnel? Are there additional questions you need to answer? Did you build enough trust and rapport with them so they get to know, like, and trust you and don't just take your info and go somewhere else?

It’s your turn.

Are you using funnels as part of your dental marketing plan? If so, take ten minutes to examine how prospects are making into and through your funnel. How can you improve each step of your funnel to get even better results? Do you see any leaks? If so, take action to improve your funnel or plug leaks to get even better results!


If you’re having trouble optimizing your dental marketing funnels, these steps can help you! For more help, check out the team of expert coaches, training, and resources we offer in our signature Delivering WOW Platinum Mastermind Program.

You can also join our 21-day Marketing and Practice Growth Challenge where you’ll learn what you need to do to build relationships with your potential patients’ favorite small businesses in your community, and how to launch a successful marketing campaign that will build a warm audience of potential patients for your funnel! Ready to learn more or save your spot? Click here.

Why Every Dentist Needs A Funnel With Dr. Anissa Holmes

Why Every Dentist Needs A Funnel

This week on the Delivering Wow podcast I’ve recorded a solo episode on the topic of email marketing and funnels.

Email marketing really can explode your practice growth, and this can be achieved by having an effective, automated funnel in place.

Dental email marketing

I’m so excited to announce that we have just launched our Facebook Bootcamp course in the Platinum Mastermind – it’s free to all of our members! So, it seemed timely to record an episode on this topic.

On the podcast I discussed:

  • What funnels are and why they are so effective
  • The journey of Dr. Ashley Joves who launched her start-up entirely on social media and through having an effective funnel she managed to get 275 email addresses and 50 scheduled appointments before her practice opened
  • An example of a really effective funnel for dental implants
  • The many benefits of email marketing funnels and how they take people on a journey of trust
  • How to setup a funnel for your practice
  • The role that Facebook can play in email marketing funnels and it’s powerful targeting capabilities

Dental email marketing

Funnels enable you to build trust with people. The whole process can be automated and it can provide you with a consistent number of new patients…without you even having to pick up the phone.

If you want to know more about funnels, join me on Delivering Platinum Mastermind Facebook Bootcamp Course, my signature Email Marketing Course, which teaches you how to get an AUTOMATED new patient flow – click here.

Below is a short trailer of the podcast episode…

How to Market Your Practice At Little To No Cost with Michael Arias

Michael Arias

This week on the Delivering Wow podcast I interviewed Michael Arias and I got to talk all about my favorite subject – marketing!  Specifically, we talked about ground marketing.

Michael is a really good friend of mine. He’s the host of the Dental Marketer Podcast and he’s doing amazing things to help dentists with ground marketing.

Michael Arias

Michael is from Texas where he graduated with a degree in Nutrition. He helped to start up two companies before moving to California – where he helped to start up another company working as a nutritionist. A client of his happened to be a Dental Consultant and he assisted him with his marketing. This led to working with more dentists – bringing in new patients to their practices. He went from bringing in a couple of patients daily …to overbooking the doctor's schedule, three months in advance, with quality patients!

Michael has worked with several dentists, dental groups, dental consultants, and agencies. He loves educating anyone who is interested in how to market their dental practice.

Michael Arias

On the podcast we discussed:

  • Michael’s background and how he got into dental marketing
  • What ground marketing is and some great examples
  • Ideas for forming partnerships with local businesses in order to attract new patients
  • Digital marketing is very important but it shouldn’t be everything
  • Why it’s important to stand out as a dentist and have a “story”
  • The importance of having a strong online and offline presence and how they can complement each other
  • The role that personality plays in being successful with ground marketing
  • What start-ups or practices with available staff can do with regards to ground marketing
  • How Michael can help dental practices and the service that he offers
  • How to get started with ground marketing

You can reach Michael by heading to his website where you’ll find links to his social media profiles and be able to listen to his podcast (the Dental Marketer Podcast).

Below is a short trailer of the podcast episode…

See our ultimate guide to consulting options for dentists…

Dental Marketing 101: 3 Ways to Grow Your Practice on Any Budget

There are several ways to grow your dental practice. Some of them require an investment of money. Others require only time. And some require both.

No matter how tight your budget is, however, you can invest in dental marketing and start growing your practice by focusing on these three categories of marketing.

1. Direct-to-Patient Promotions

High-impact direct-to-patient promotions should be designed to do a combination of building loyalty, getting referrals, and expanding your business with current and future patients. One of the best ways to connect with your patients is through an email or physical newsletter. A patient newsletter doesn’t have to be long, but it’s a great way to deliver a few pieces of news, an update on your practice, and a list of events, activities, or community involvement. It’s also a place where you can highlight great patient accomplishments, which you would share on social media as well. This helps connect you with your patients, remain top of mind, and update them on your practice and any promotions or programs they might be interested in joining.

Examples of programs or promotions you might include in your newsletter are toy drives, contests, giveaways, discounts on luxury services for patients to try, senior specials, and running a fun kids’ club.

Another great direct-to-patient promotion you can highlight in your newsletter is a referral rewards program. Giving a small gift card, a credit for future services, or an additional service, like a basic teeth whitening, if they refer a new patient are great ways to encourage people to refer their friends and family. Make sure to check your state board so you see what's allowed. These direct-to-patient promotions don’t have to cost much at all and can be very effective.

2. Community Promotions

Community promotions are a great way to build your reputation with influencers and connect with people whom your current patients aren’t connected.

Community promotion activities can be as simple as updating and distributing brochures, creating practice videos that you put online and promote to people in your community, attending, hosting, or creating events like a family night during Children’s Dental Health Month that people in your community can attend.

In addition, you could connect with other businesses to form strategic alliances to refer patients or offer a special promotion to each other’s patients or customers. You could run ads on Facebook or other social media platforms, in print, or on the radio or TV. Finally, you could reach out to businesses and schools in your community and offer to talk with them about dental health. Community connections can turn into patients or referral sources very quickly.

3. Dentist and Team Promotional Activities

Dentist and team promotional activities are things you and your team do in your office and through direct outreach to people who aren’t patients, such as specialists or pediatricians.

These activities are helpful because they can open doors to people who influence large numbers of patients, such as specialists or pediatricians and can build information, including testimonials, which can be used in future marketing efforts.

Examples of these activities include:

·      sending brochures or other materials to dental specialists or pediatricians,

·      conducting an internal campaign to get reviews or testimonials from happy patients that you can share with others,

·      conducting tours of your Delivering WOW office for influencers, patients, and the general public, and

·      team-building and learning activities, such as helping your team members prepare elevator pitches about why patients love your dental practice.

These activities help keep your practice top of mind with key influencers and show people what makes your practice so special and unique from your patients’ perspective so influencers feel confident referring patients to you and patients know they’re going to be treated like a VIP by you and your team.

Pulling it All Together

No matter what your budget is, I recommend every practice engage in one or two activities from each of these categories every month. For example, next month you might launch a physical or email newsletter where you promote a patient giveaway. You might also attend a senior event in your community and conduct a campaign to collect reviews or testimonials from happy customers. This opens communication with your patients with a giveaway, rather than asking for something in your first newsletter. At the same time, you will be connecting with your community and building reviews or testimonials to help you promote your practice in the future.

The next month you might promote your referral rewards program in your patient newsletter, speak to a preschool, and deliver brochures to five specialists.

I like to plan my marketing activities at least 12 months at a time. This 12-month picture helps me make sure I’m consistently engaging in each of these three ways to grow my practice.

I also created a Google spreadsheet that includes a sample 12-month marketing calendar, a list of 84 marketing strategies that fall into these categories, and a budgeting tool to help evaluate the return on investment for each activity.

When you’re starting out, I recommend investing five to seven percent of your revenue into marketing activities. If that’s not a possibility right now, start with as much as you can and focus on some of the lower-cost activities. When you find activities that are working consistently, you can begin increasing your budget and directing the additional money into the activities that are proven to work with your practice.

If you need help with getting started, I invite you to join me on the inside of Delivering WOW U, You'll have access to a detailed training on creating a 12-month dental marketing plan, plus access to the strategy spreadsheet, 12-month marketing template spreadsheet, and budgeting tool. You also have access to the Delivering WOW U forums where you can connect with me and other dentists building their practices to get ideas, support, and feedback on your dental marketing calendar and activities.

3 Skills Every Dentist Needs To Build a Thriving Dental Practice

What would it feel like to build a thriving dental practice that runs so smoothly you can make more money than you ever have while working less than you ever have?

What would it mean to you and your family to know your income is predictable and controllable, in good markets and bad?

All of that's possible, but before you can build a practice like that, you'll need to develop three essential skills.


With these three skills, you'll have all the skills you need to grow a thriving dental practice:

1. Top-quality dental skills

Patients expect their dentists to take great care of their teeth. As basic as it sounds, if you don't do good work, news will spread and you'll struggle to get new patients. This can't be overlooked. Everyone who serves patients needs to be very good at what they do.

2. Business Skills

Without basic business skills, you'll struggle to do what it takes to make more money in less time. To avoid that, it's important that you develop basic business skills that include delegation, leveraging resources, hiring, evaluating, and firing team members, patient relations, profitability analysis, sales and marketing, reading basic financial statements, and strategic planning.

There's no need to go back to school to get a formal business degree, but I do suggest you read at least one new business book right away and then at least another new business book every year, even if it's an audiobook you listen to on your commute.

I also suggest you subscribe to at least one relevant business podcast, network with successful practice owners online or in person, hire an executive coach to help you and hold you accountable, or find a mentor who's willing to share their knowledge and advice with you.

3. Leadership Skills

You can't have a strong team without a strong leader. Leadership skills are critical to scaling your practice because you can have the most sophisticated systems and processes in place, but your dental practice will only be as strong as the team implementing them. To build a strong, trustworthy team and then empower them to work independently, you'll need to learn how to listen and communicate effectively, influence, motivate, and encourage others, make wise decisions, and work in teams.

 Developing these leadership skills will help you get the best out of your team and build the trust necessary for you to empower them to run your practice without you needing to do everything. As with business skills, I suggest you continuously work on improving your leadership skills no matter how strong a leader you already are. The best leaders in the world consistently work on improving their leadership skills. You should too.

 Again, you don't need a formal degree, however I do suggest you read at least one new leadership book every year, subscribe to at least one leadership podcast, attend leadership conferences, network with strong leaders online or in person, hire an executive coach to help you and hold you accountable, or find a mentor who has strong leadership skills and is willing to share their knowledge and guidance.


Developing these three skills will position you to build a profitable dental practice doesn't doesn't need you to do everything in order to make money.

 Your dental skills will serve your clients well. Your business skills with help you plan and execute well. And your leadership skills will empower your team to operate without you so you can build a practice that helps you make more and work less!

Dental SEO: The Next Era of Marketing for Dentists. Publish or Perish

It’s been said that marketing is everything.  If that’s true, clinical skills, social skills, and marketing skills traditionally thought as compartmentalized are slowly giving way to each other.  I believe that in the next 10-15 years we will start to see a whole new kind of dentist become wildly successful.

What kind of dentist is poised to succeed?

The dentist who can start to think of herself in an entirely new way.  The dentist that values relationships in more capacities than simply face to face.  Where traditional face to face relationships are being supplanted by content-driven experiences.  Social media is an example of one such model that has changed the way we build relationships between brands and consumers.  The quality of content you publish impacts how much of a connection prospective patients will have with your brand.

Just as the telephone changed the way people communicate, so have other technologies.  Texting is a major disruptor.  Would you have ever guessed 20 years ago that you’d be using software to auto-remind your patients on little mobile devices that their cleaning is tomorrow?

But that’s not all…

We’re heading into a new era of dental marketing.  I’m talking about a tectonic shift in the way people decide if you’re the dentist for them.  One where knowing how and why people choose a dentist is something you absolutely must understand.  Discussions about publishing content which changes the way patients feel towards you will take over the myopic SEO, PPC, direct mail, blogging and other alphabet soup topics that dentists have today.  The discussion will revolve around how to create a content-driven experience that attracts and educates patients who come to know, like, and trust you.  The roundtable discussion will involve marketing professionals of all kinds, and the topic will be becoming remarkable.

What’s one thing you can count on, if you take this approach?

You’ll rank higher in search engines, if you have the right strategy.  And knowing how to do dental SEO doesn’t need to be overwhelming.  A step by step strategy must be formed, and that starts with going from a reader of articles, to a publisher of articles.  The next era of dental marketing is simple: publish or perish.

The first step:

Find opportunities to publish on other people’s platforms.  They’ll appreciate the content you provide, as long as it benefits their audience.  This can be specialists you refer to, other business owners in your neighborhood that know you, friends with relevant blogs, and editors at local media outlets.

The next step:

Create the content, or hire someone to help you.  Even if you’re not a writer, you can verbally explain a few concepts to a professional writer.  A great writer, photographer, podcaster, or video producer will be able to take clinical-speak and technical details and form them into an engaging story or catchy, informative article.

The final step:

Earn a link from this person you offered content to.  This video from Google’s Webmaster Tools Spokesman Matt Cutts explains that Google views a link from a credible source can improve your Google rankings:

Click here to watch the video

The more useful information you publish on other’s websites, the more often you can earn links.

What it means to your new patient flow:

SEO isn’t the only way you’ll attract new patients doing this.  You will also develop an audience on that platform.  One that you can eventually bring back to your blog, when you’ll begin to receive offers from guest bloggers.  Just like Facebook ads can help you draw an audience back to your website, this is one more audience you can persuade to hop into the virtual version of your dental office.

Inertia will ensue, making you the go-to informational resource that every winning dentist will strive to be.  If you can be the one dentist in your community to pioneer this approach, you’ll be much more likely to take the lead as the informational resource you need to be.  And it may be one of the few ways you can actually stand out from corporate dentistry.  Publish or perish.


Justin Morgan is an dental SEO Expert who helps dentists stand out through telling a unique story.  He is the Author of The Book on Dental Marketing, set to be released January 1st, 2017.  He can be found at