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3 Skills Every Dentist Needs To Build a Thriving Dental Practice

What would it feel like to build a thriving dental practice that runs so smoothly you can make more money than you ever have while working less than you ever have? What would it mean to you and your family to know your income is predictable and controllable, in good markets and bad? All of that’s possible, but before you can build a practice like that, you’ll need to develop three essential skills.

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Dental SEO: The Next Era of Marketing for Dentists. Publish or Perish

It’s been said that marketing is everything.  If that’s true, clinical skills, social skills, and marketing skills traditionally thought as compartmentalized are slowly giving way to each other.  I believe that in the next 10-15 years we will start to see a whole new kind of dentist become wildly successful.

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How To Treatment Plan for Success with Andre Shirdan

Here’s what we cover:  

  • Why so many patients have a hard time accepting their Periodontal treatment plans.

  • Why every dental office needs a clinical protocol for diagnosing periodontal disease.

  • What common mistakes dentist making as it relates to treatment planning periodontal treatment.

  • The role of verbal and diagnostic skills

  • What it takes to have better conversion on treatment plans

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Why Every Dentist Should Master Facebook and the Art of People with Dave Kerpen

On today’s show Dave and I discuss why every dentist needs to be on Facebook as well as what it takes to be “Likeable” on Social Media. Here we discuss exactly what should be shared on social media to be successful as well as why social media is like “word of mouth on steroids”. We also discuss the importance of having great people skills, and mastering the “Art of People”.

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