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How To Implement No Cost Strategies to Build Your Brand Through Strategic Alliances

Another great way to build your brand and grow your practice is through strategic alliances. Strategic alliances allow you to gain access to people and resources you may not otherwise be able to access.

In a strategic alliance, you team up with another business or organization to do a project or certain initiative together. You agree to share resources so you can both gain access to whatever resources you feel you cannot get alone.

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How to Achieve Your #1 Goal in 100 Days with John Lee Dumas

I’m going to kick off 2016 with a topic which can change not only your path of success, but also your life, I’m going to kick off the new year with some advice from John Lee Dumas.  After hosting over 1200 interviews on his award winning podcast EOFire with successful entrepreneurs, John is definitely an authority on what it takes to achieve business success.

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How To Get the Best ROI From Your TEAM

For many dentists, labor costs are one of the biggest expenses incurred. However, it’s interesting how many dentists don’t work to turn their employees into a profitable return on investment. If the dentist is not a strong leader, who is committed to building a great team and setting a clear path to achieving the vision of the practice, profits are escaping every day.  To turn your team into an investment, you’ve got to be a great leader who can build a team that is committed to helping the practice grow, knows what to do, and performs.

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