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How To Create Systems That Work With Dr. Evelyn T. Samuel

How To Create Systems That Work With Dr. Evelyn T. Samuel - Delivering Wow Podcast

This week on the Delivering WOW podcast I spoke to Dr. Evelyn Samuel. Dr. Samuel became a Dental Practice and Small Business Efficiency coach by chance. After achieving her life-time goal of becoming a Dentist, she set out to provide excellence within her chosen field. She had a unique experience after her residency. She worked…

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A Two-Part Mindset Shift to Help Dentists Avoid or Overcome Burnout

It’s no secret that dentists experience burnout at a higher rate than professionals in almost any other industry do. Unless you get help or take action to do things differently, the constant pull between treating patients and running a business makes burnout a real possibility for any dentist. 

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3 Simple Shifts to Combat the Top Causes of Stress for Dentists

Building a successful dental practice can be stressful. Three of the top causes of stress for most dentists are heavy financial burdens (such as student loans), rising overhead (such as rent, salary commitments, and material costs), and operational stressors (such as needing to do everything yourself). Those other stressors can cause any dentist to burn out, unless they address them very intentionally. Here are three simple shifts you can make in your practice to combat these burdens, reduce your chances of burnout, and position you to make more money while working less.

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3 Skills Every Dentist Needs To Build a Thriving Dental Practice

What would it feel like to build a thriving dental practice that runs so smoothly you can make more money than you ever have while working less than you ever have? What would it mean to you and your family to know your income is predictable and controllable, in good markets and bad? All of that’s possible, but before you can build a practice like that, you’ll need to develop three essential skills.

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