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How To Attract Your Ideal New Patient With Cyndi Blalock

Cyndi Blalock - Delivering Wow Podcast Ep 84

This week on the Delivering Wow podcast I had the pleasure of talking to Dr. Cyndi Blalock. Dr. Blalock passionately believes in ‘finding your tribe’. By finding your ideal patients and team, you can create the practice of your dreams. Dr. Blalock completed her Bachelor of Science degree at Southeast Missouri State University in Cape…

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How to Keep Your Team Members Motivated

When building a Delivering WOW dental practice, you’ll quickly discover that one of your best investments of time and money is in your team. Although building a better team starts with committing to making sure every team member is aligned with your practice vision, investing in continued training and inspiring them to perform their best,…

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2 Ways to Inspire Your Dental Practice Team Members

As we’ve discussed before, building your team holds a special place of significance in your practice. Having the right team in place helps you make more money in less time because it allows you to delegate administrative tasks to others and focus your time on building your business and enjoying what’s important to you outside of your practice.

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How to Build the Right Team to Transform Your Dental Practice

With the right people on your team, you will protect your core values and culture, and your practice will run much more smoothly. That will allow you to delegate more, work less, and feel confident that every patient will get the same great service no matter who serves them.

With the wrong people on board, it doesn’t matter how great your vision is or how strong your systems are, results will be inconsistent at best. When that happens, you’ll either have to do everything yourself or go through the time-consuming and costly process of firing, hiring, and training people over and over again. That’s a recipe for burnout.

Here are five steps to get started assembling the right team for your dental practice.

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How to Build a Better Team with LIsa Spradley

Lisa Marie Spradley, FAADOM, is the Front Desk Lady. She has worked in the front office for 20 years and understands the struggle to put patient’s needs first while still taking care of the business of the front office.

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How To Get the Best ROI From Your TEAM

For many dentists, labor costs are one of the biggest expenses incurred. However, it’s interesting how many dentists don’t work to turn their employees into a profitable return on investment. If the dentist is not a strong leader, who is committed to building a great team and setting a clear path to achieving the vision of the practice, profits are escaping every day.  To turn your team into an investment, you’ve got to be a great leader who can build a team that is committed to helping the practice grow, knows what to do, and performs.

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