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Proven Process for New Office Buildouts with Steve O’Leary

Proven Process for New Office Buildouts with Steve O'Leary

I’m thrilled to welcome Steve O’Leary, the Project Consultant at APEX Design Build, onto the show to talk about the best processes for designing and building your ideal dental practice. Steve is a natural born leader and dedicated to delivering high levels of customer satisfaction with help from his positive outlook on life and great…

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4 Steps to Controlling Dental Supply Costs

While building a dental practice that helps you achieve personal and financial independence, it’s critical that you focus on controlling your costs, and not only focus on marketing and increasing your revenue. Setting budgets and key cost metrics for expenses you incur on a regular basis helps protect your profits so you don’t end up…

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How to Start Building the Life You Dreamed of When You Entered Dental School

When we entered dental school, we dreamed of brightening smiles, serving our communities, supporting our families, and enjoying a flexible lifestyle. When we come out of dental school, however, most of us are hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, and if we build or buy a dental practice, we add hundreds of thousands of dollars more to our debt burden. 

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Why Every Dentist Should Master Facebook and the Art of People with Dave Kerpen

On today’s show Dave and I discuss why every dentist needs to be on Facebook as well as what it takes to be “Likeable” on Social Media. Here we discuss exactly what should be shared on social media to be successful as well as why social media is like “word of mouth on steroids”. We also discuss the importance of having great people skills, and mastering the “Art of People”.

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How To Create a Great Dental Website with Jeff Gladnick

The number one reason to have a website is to attract new patients. A website should also serve as resource for current patients as to refer people to your practice.  One of the most important steps in building a great website is to know your ideal audience. This allows you to better serve them. What’s most important is sharing yourself, your personality. Share your culture on your website, share your practice’s story through your website. Share before and after pictures. That’s what people connect with.

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Are You Being Embezzled with David Harris

David Harris is a Private investigator, CPA and Certified Fraud Examiner David Harris is the world’s leading authority on embezzlement in dental offices. In today’s episode, David shares the warning signs that dentists can look out for that might indicate that they have a problem. We also discussed what should dentists do once they feel that they are being embezzled as well as recommendations that dentists can take once the embezzlement is confirmed.

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