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Facebook Ads for Dentists: How to Lower Your Ad Costs While Increasing Conversions

Facebook Ads for Dentists - How to Lower Your Ad Costs While Increasing Conversions

Facebook revolutionized dental marketing by both lowering costs and improving results. The most powerful part of Facebook and Facebook ads for dentists is your ability to direct your ad to the right people and away from the wrong people using audience targeting. Before Facebook came along, dentists spent thousands of dollars a month on traditional…

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Top Secrets to Fast Track Your Facebook and Practice Success

In this episode, I discuss Facebook Marketing and why dentists should include Facebook in their overall marketing plan. I discuss what must be done before you start running ads, and how to get your posts to go viral.. We then shift gears a little and talk about goal setting, and how you can achieve just about anything in life once you have a clear vision and reverse engineer how you will achieve it!

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If You’re Not Retargeting WEBSITE Visitors, You’re Missing Out On 100’s of NEW PATIENTS!

So What is Remarketing and How Do You Do It?

Well, believe it or not, you are being remarketed to every day.  Ever been to a website, and all of a sudden you start to see ads for that business pop up in your Facebook Newfeed….

Ever wonder how they do it….  


The Facebook Pixel is a piece of HTML code that Facebook provides you so that you can track when people visit your website…

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Why You Need to Stop Running Facebook Ads

This Episode is a solo show all about Facebook, and what you need to have in place if you want to convert Facebook traffic into Raving Fans!

In this episode, I share the BIGGEST mistakes dentists make with Facebook and how to avoid them, 3 SUPER STRATEGIES  to start 10X-ing your new patient numbers with Facebook, and the exact strategies that I currently use to convert Facebook traffic to new patients, even if they don’t currently like my page!

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