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Facebook Ads for Dentists: How to Lower Your Ad Costs While Increasing Conversions

Facebook Ads for Dentists - How to Lower Your Ad Costs While Increasing Conversions

Facebook revolutionized dental marketing by both lowering costs and improving results. The most powerful part of Facebook and Facebook ads for dentists is your ability to direct your ad to the right people and away from the wrong people using audience targeting. Before Facebook came along, dentists spent thousands of dollars a month on traditional…

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3 Ways to Get More People into Your Dental Marketing Funnel


Dental Marketing has never been as simple or effective as it is today when we can use automated funnels and highly-targeted marketing to attract more patients to our dental practices, instead of the inefficient and expensive marketing options we were stuck with years ago. The opportunity that dental marketing funnels provide is so much better…

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Creating A Cost Effective Marketing Strategy That Works with Dr. Anissa Holmes

In this episode I discuss some of the changes that are occurring with Facebook Marketing, the advantage of using Facebook Offers, and Common Mistakes that Dentists make with their marketing strategy. 

I also discuss 3 Campaigns that Dentists can use today to start getting New Patients using Facebook Marketing. I discuss the difference between online marketing and marketing for dental practices, and the advantages of implementing Facebook into your practice now.

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