Voted one of the "Top 25 Women in Dentistry" by Dental Products Report, Dr. Anissa Holmes has effectively mastered the skill of the use of Social Media, with a Facebook following of over 50,000 fans. As a practicing dentist, social media strategist, business acceleration coach, author, podcaster, and speaker, Dr. Holmes shows dentists exactly how to create a profitable, thriving dental practice which has motivated, inspired team members and patients who are raving fans. She does this by providing actionable steps to help dentists develop their business culture, systems, and brand. She also teaches Facebook strategy which focuses on maximizing your ROI. Dr. Holmes is the host of the top iTunes podcast, The Delivering WOW Dental Podcast, and is also the author of the book, “Delivering WOW: How Dentists Can Build a Fascinating Brand and Achieve More, While Working Less!"


If you are a dentist who wants to achieve more by working less and you struggle with building a winning team, growing your new patient numbers, and getting your patients to accept treatment, you're in the right place. If you want to learn how to use Facebook and other forms of social media to increase the ROI of your marketing campaigns, this site is for you. And if you're tired of feeling guilty, stressed out, and frustrated because you're trying to juggle too much, this site was created specifically to help you!


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