Glenn Vo

The Absolute Fastest Way To Achieve Your Practice Goals & Save Money with Dr. Glenn Vo

September 21, 2017

This week’s podcast guest is none other than Dr. Glenn Vo.  Glenn is a dentist, a podcast host, and he is doing amazing things in the dental industry right now with a focus on helping others to grow their dental practice without spending a ton of money! Glenn was born and raised in Pasadena, TX.…


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Dr. Anissa Holmes has been truly an inspiration and great support throughout the whole process of my personal and professional growth.

I am so excited for all that she has helped me achieve. After just a few months of working with Anissa, I was able to pay off my student loans, and my practice is soaring. She is always available to answer any questions and gives you the tools you need to succeed. Her coaching skills and love for what she does come through so clearly and she will keep you accountable. I always made so many plans and set so many goals but never thought I could do it all or it seemed almost impossible or I felt like I didn’t have the time to do it all and enjoy my family. Anissa taught me some valuable skills and then kept me accountable and as a result I have accomplished so much and have grown my start-up practice to the point that I have almost doubled the size of my team! I can’t thank her enough for making my dreams come true and highly recommend her to others.
Dr. Hoda Bassiri


Anissa is very attentive and she has attracted a culture of like-minded, hard-working, kind people that want to help each other and their communities!

 I’m excited and honored to be a member of Dr. Anissa’s programs. The most unique thing is the online platform. It is about time someone put together this sort of content in such an intuitive way. There are lesson plans, video content, road maps, and targeted systems to help you build a practice from top to bottom. There is accountability and a strong community built into the fabric of the U. Anissa is very attentive and she has attracted a culture of like-minded, hard-working, kind people that want to help each other and their communities!  

Dr. John Mady Maywood, NJ

Dr Gina Dorfman Podcast Image

Creating Profitability with Yapi with Dr. Gina Dorfman

August 17, 2017

In this week’s podcast episode I interview Dr. Gina Dorfman and Adam Bailey from Yapi. Gina and Adam share really valuable insight into the features of Yapi – a paperless software solution for dental practices. The Yapi software has been designed as a complete suite of solutions dedicated to maximizing efficiency and profitability of any…


Words can not describe how much I have changed my attitude towards my life and business since I met you.

I have been in a journey the last 4 years since my daughter’s birth. I am trying to achieve my life balance so I can do what I love (my dentistry) withour sacrificing my family life. What you have given me is the roadmap to achieve what I want. Since i started the program, I have had the best month in the last 22 years of practice but what it is most remarkable is that it was the shortest month I have ever worked. Also, I have the best day in my career also the month before, doing 5 times my daily goal. My team is loving the direction and communication. I love how honest, approachabe and available you are. Thank you so much for eveything you do every day.
Dr. Ivonne Castro


I started listening to the Delivering Wow podcast with Dr. Anissa Holmes when it first came out, and implemented some of the ideas I learned from it right away.

I saw some results, so I started Facebook Mastery and then got involved with the Business Acceleration Bootcamp and Delivering Wow U. The specific action steps I learned there has propelled my office structure to a new level. I now work on the practice during a set scheduled time and go home earlier. Dr. Holmes is a pleasure to work with, and I am honored to be a part of her program. I find that the process of learning and implementing best practices is as rewarding as the result.
Dr. Helen Harless