“I help dentists learn how to create profitable dental practices with inspired team members and patients who are raving fans so they can have time-freedom.”

Anissa Holmes

Dr. Anissa Holmes has effectively mastered the skill of the use of Social Media, with a Facebook following of over 50,000 fans. As a practicing dentist, social media strategist, business acceleration coach, author, podcaster, and speaker, Dr. Holmes shows dentists exactly how to create a profitable, thriving dental practice which has motivated, inspired team members and patients who are raving fans.


My Why

5 years ago I decided to create a life of FREEDOM...to be able to practice because I want to, and not because I have to..

To have the income and freedom to travel the world, to have time for my family...to be able to inspire and change the lives of my team, my patients, and the community.

I decided to hire a Master Business Coach for my practice.

The first year, we tripled revenue, the next, we built a new office with 3 times the capacity out of profits. The next year we added another dentist.

We focused on building a practice VISION and how that vision would allow me and my TEAM to achieve our personal dreams. We focused heavily on the practice's culture and on systematizing everything and making sure that EVERYONE in the practice focused on what mattered most...the PATIENT.

Fast forward to now....we have 3 dentists, get 10 times the industry standard of new patients who are RAVING FANS. My team is now achieving their personal dreams, and we are changing our patient's lives.

In 2015 I hired a second dentist and my office was able to run on systems so my coach asked what was next...

She asked about my LEGACY...and asked if I would join her team as a coach...

I said no...I don't want to coach manufacturers, boutique owners, and accountants..

But, I can help dentists...

I knew that I had learned business strategies that were not being taught in the dental industry, and I could help dentists achieve the same level of FREEDOM...to travel, enjoy time with friends, and to have time for their families.

So I wrote a book, then started the podcast, which now has listeners in over 80 countries..

Around that time I started to be interviewed about how I was getting 50 new patients a month from Facebook, while only spending $500 a month...so dentists started to ask me to teach them, which is how my FBMastery Course for Dentists evolved.

While Facebook is one way that I grew my business and achieved freedom, it was not the only way, so I started to offer Delivering WOW Online Business Bootcamps. After 2 months of working with me, over half of the dentists reported their best months ever in practice, and one paid off all of her student loans at the completion of the bootcamp.

I decided to create Delivering WOW U, my membership site, to allow me to teach the strategies from the Bootcamp to a wider network of dentists. After two months, one member made $50,000 more than any other month in her practice.

I know that if I can teach dentists to be better leaders, then they will be more profitable, will have inspired teams, and patients who are raving fans. They will also be able to create a life of FREEDOM.


2016 Select Presentations:

Digital Dental Marketing Conference- Dallas, Texas
Summit on Advanced Dental Implant Studies- Atlanta, Georgia
Digital Marketing Week Keynote- Kingston, Jamaica

2017 Select Presentations:

Voices of Dentistry- Nashville, Tennessee
Social Media Marketing World- San Diego, California
PSOJ Social Media Conference- Jamaica
American Academy of Endodontists Annual Conference- New Orleans, Louisiana
TBSE- Las Vegas, Nevada