Dr. Anissa Holmes, a Dentist, Business Acceleration Coach, Social Media Strategist, and Best Selling Author is a leader in the dental industry. Dr. Holmes has coached and advised coaches, million dollar practice owners, and startup practices. Based on her massive success, Dr. Holmes has been featured in top dental publications, such as Dental Economics, Dentistry IQ, and Dental Products Report, and has been featured as one of the top 25 Women in Dentistry. Dr. Holmes has also been featured in the TOP selling business books The 30-Day Book and Rise of the Youpreneur.

She has also been a featured speaker at Social Media Marketing World and her Delivering WOW Dental Podcast has listeners in over 100 countries. Dr. Holmes is the Founder of the Platinum Mastermind, an Online Coaching Community for Dentists and Teams, run Facebook Bootcamps to help practices learn how to effectively use Social Media and Digital Marketing and is the Founder of the Delivering WOW Marketing Agency.

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Hi, I'm Dr. Anissa Holmes

... a practicing dentist, business acceleration coach, social media strategist, funnel builder, and best-selling author.

There 's nothing that makes me more sad than seeing dentists work so HARD and fee so STRESSED and not see results in their business.

When I was building my practice, I was so frustrated that while we had dental school to teach us the technical side of dentistry, there was no one single place where we could learn EVERYTHING about the business of dentistry....So I created it.

I don’t want to see dentists wasting their precious time and hard-earned dollars collecting all this information piecemeal from conferences, online courses, and expensive consultants.

The Platinum Mastermind will train you and your team in everything you need to know about hiring, case acceptance, marketing, and running a practice.

And the best part is, the course is 100% online, 100% accessible to you and your team at any time. You can put new hires through training modules and set them up to be excellent team members, right from the start.

My goal with the Platinum Mastermind was to create the “dental business school” that I never had a chance to attend.

Now, you have that chance....Take it!

The Struggle Is Real

Let’s face it.

In recent years, our dentistry has dramatically changed.

The odds are stacked against us as we all deal with huge challenges such as:

  • It’s an open secret that we work in a high-stress profession; a recent study revealed that almost half of dentists report they frequently feel anxious or emotionally exhausted.
  • $$$. Between student loans (the average dental student loan debt is $221,000), buying a practice ($500,000+), rising overhead costs (for most practices it’s around 70 %) and paltry insurance reimbursements, our financial worries are real.
  • Zero Business Training. The bottom line is we’re totally unprepared for the business of running a dental practice.

At school we studied how to fix people’s teeth, NOT how to be a CEO. And yet, with zero training, we nevertheless assume a dizzying variety of business roles: team leader, accountant, inventory manager, insurance administrator and marketing director.

  • So is there a solution?

Fortunately the answer is YES.  (And it’s easier than you might think).

I discovered that success boils down to 2 simple steps:

  • Step One. Define Your Vision. Figure out exactly what you want to stand for and who you want to attract to your practice.
  • Step Two. Implement Systems. Implement simple, straightforward systems to transform your vision into a reality.
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