Anissa Holmes

Founder of the Delivering WOW Platinum Coaching Program for practice owners and teams, Business Quick Start Program for pre-startups and associates, and the Delivering WOW Marketing program, Dr. Anissa Holmes helps practices grow by focusing on leadership, effective case presentation, schedule & systems optimization and implementing high return marketing. While others are helping their clients have multiple six-figure years, she is actually helping her clients have multiple six figure months.

Dr. Holmes has been named one of Ultradent's Female Icons of Dentistry, Dental Product Report's TOP 25 Women in Dentistry, and has been featured in top publications such as Dental Economics, Dentistry IQ, Dental Products Report and Entrepreneur Magazine. Dr. Holmes is also the author of the bestselling book, Delivering WOW: How Dentists Can Build a Fascinating Brand and Achieve More While Working Less.

In addition to coaching and being an International Dental Speaker,  including being the business keynote for the 2022 AACD annual session and the business speaker for Catapult Education, Dr. Holmes has been a featured speaker at Social Media Marketing World and Funnel Hacking Live. Dr. Holmes is also dentistry's leading digital marketing expert, having trained over 5000 practices to leverage social media to effectively grow their practices and her Delivering WOW Dental Podcast has listeners in over 125 countries.

Keynote Topics

Increasing Profits Through The Circle of Focus
Ultra Case Acceptance & High Return Marketing

"Anissa has as excellent stage presence and delivers an engaging program. She’s also super smart and has very successful coaching programs to follow up if doctors are interested. She can do short events and she can deliver all day events.  The rest of the profession needs to hear more from Anissa Holmes.”

Tanya Dunlap



"Anissa,  you  are  dentistry’s  biggest  rockstar!  What  you  are bringing is innovative  and fresh. I really  think that everyone in dentistry  needs to hear you. Dental Meeting planners who are looking for  someone  new and  fresh  will  be  wowed. Dentistry needs more women role models like you.”

Dr. Howard Farrn
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